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Different Types of Digital Marketing to Grow Small Businesses


Different Types of Digital Marketing to Grow Small Businesses

The panorama of digital marketing is stretching to all corners to give online and offline businesses an edge. Having a website is where digital marketing starts but don’t misunderstand digital marketing with just having a website. It’s immense. Merely having a website is not enough to get you business.

Importance of Digital Marketing

Importance of Digital Marketing Setting up a business is one thing, and setting up a website is another. But marketing is whole to take it to next level. People are inclining toward the online lens to view the world, and hence businesses are shifting online to get noticed. 67% of total businesses have already made the shift and thus raising the competition bar. That said, digital marketing is a scope of marketing that emphasizes promoting a business online through online channels. It encompasses all marketing tactics and channels that help a brand raise brand awareness, draw in qualified leads, connect with clients online and boost sales. Digital sales are purchases that customers make via desktop computers (notebooks, laptops) or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). To market your products or services online, all you have to do is bifurcate your audience based on a specific rationale for each market. There are prominent platforms to support the journey. Let’s scope out different types of digital marketing services to help you grow your online business digitally.

Different Types of Digital Marketing Channels

Different Types of Digital Marketing Channels

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization SEO is an effective digital marketing approach that helps get a website to the top of the rank page for certain business-centric keywords. When your page ranks and maintains a good position on the search engine for your small business, it attracts new customers and qualified leads and increases the quantity and quality of your web page. All this happens with proper market research, keywords and competitor research, development of strategies and tracking of ranking results on SERPs. Identifying and understanding your target audience is the most essential part of search engine optimization. Besides, how does your target audience talk about your products help you understand their opinion about you? While doing on-page SEO, you have to make sure that you have proper knowledge of all the activities that are to be followed. From optimizing the title and description, website content and images to creating backlinks ideas, improving user experience, fixing technical issues on site, etc., is part of SEO. SEO consists of link building, content writing, and SERP feature targeting. SEO simplifies crawling, indexing, and rendering by Google. Rake through the website for duplicate content, and fix SEO potential issues to improve the user experience. Make sure that your site works well for both mobile and desktop users to not drive them away. Optimize your content for keywords, readers, and search engines, and maintain a comprehensive track of your website for your small business.
Search Engine Marketing
SEM is a digital marketing strategy for paid advertising that ensures your business's products or services are visible on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO can get your organic traffic, but to surpass the limit of organic traffic, you need to run ads that can bring a big difference to your marketing outcome. The strategy boils down to paid search ad optimization to meet a specific goal. You should have an understanding of the working of paid ads, their platforms and managing KPIs such as keywords- intent, volume, competition, cost, budget, and copy. Such campaigns should only be run by PPC experts to eliminate budget waste, bid the right way, and get more results while experimenting with pay-per-click for your project. You have a range of tools to ensure that your campaigns are turning profitable by fixing the glitches.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing The reach and usage of social media are growing faster than anything. All in all, we have 4.70 billion social media users around the world in July 2022 as revealed in a report. Social media has the potential to reach out to every corner of the world with a standalone impact on business. Influencer marketing is topping social media significantly and it impacts buyers’ decisions. Marketers are driving the evolution of multipronged social media marketing (SMM) with Facebook ads, Pinterest ads and Instagram ads. The use of social media and social networks—like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram is growing for small businesses, making it the right time to market products and services, reach out to new customers, and engage with existing customers. The unparalleled power of social media opens up new prospects for connection, interaction, and customer engagement. These social media channels have the power to influence customer behavior and their response.
  • Align SMM goals to clear your business objectives,
  • Promote content to drive engagement,
  • Target customers according to your business model,
  • Run a competitive analysis,
  • Get a quick audit done,
  • Create an SMM content delivery calendar,
And make a blast. You can simply hire a Social Media Marketing Agency in Noida to get your marketing plan on board.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Have you ever wondered why your email inbox always gets bombarded with a slew of automated emails? It’s a marketing technique and an effective one. Spreading information about a product or service via email is email marketing. Email marketing is immense; just to let you know- for every $1 you spend on email marketing, the average ROI is $42. An email marketing campaign is set up to nurture leads and encourages current customers to increase sales using a series of purposefully targeted emails. Every email is given with a conversion-oriented call-to-action that is more likely to get clicked by the reader. Traffic generation, lead nurturing, revenue generation and awareness are the come conversion targets expected from an email marketing campaign. A customer-focused email with a strategically drawn focal point and creating a sense of urgency can be great for your digital marketing campaigns.
  • Segment Your Email List
  • Work Out On Increasing Your Email Open Rates
  • Chart Out Your Entire Email Sequence
  • Keep Your List Fresh & Take out Inactive Subscribers
  • Discover a Perfect Timing to Standout
  • Fascinate with a Subject Line
  • Personalization of the Content and Design
  • Write For A Person, As A Friend
  • Brew Amazing Content, Every Time
  • Add some Humor
  • Mobile Optimization
Not every email can target all your audience. Be specific with your content, type of content and audience list. Are you looking for an email marketing strategy? Write us in the comments below.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Reaching out to the right audience is the main purpose of online marketing. Content that feels natural and organic is often created after a thorough process of planning, creation, distribution, sharing and publication, etc. Creating a content marketing strategy is intricate and extensive, but the scalability it offers is worth giving it a try. It’s an amalgamation of promotional content on social media, blogs, podcasts, apps, websites, press releases, print publications, and more. Increase your sales, engagement, brand awareness, and target audience by targeting the right way. Attract, engage and retain your audience by creating read-worthy content – share relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media. Social Media Marketing, Infographic content marketing, Blog content marketing, Podcast content marketing, Video content marketing, and Paid Ad content marketing are some of the content marketing aggravators for small businesses. Content marketing is an important component of digital marketing.
  • Predefine your goals
  • Determine & record your performance metrics
  • Pick a content channel and content types
  • Collect your data
  • Define your budget
  • Distribution across all the networks
  • Follow-up for SEO

Audio Marketing

Audio Marketing The offshoot of smart speakers and smart assistants is in all power to bring voice-activated marketing into demand. It’s time to expand your marketing reach beyond messaging and screen. Audio-based podcasts are racing at an unprecedented speed to take over other marketing models. Audio in AR/VR, Spotify, Audible, Podcasts, etc., for instance, are topping the market since scrolling through the endless sea of website and social media timelines have become monotonous. With audio marketing, you can interrupt them in the middle of a task with their ears centered toward a hearing. It can give you more exposure to your audience base and increase your user engagement and awareness. You can even repurpose written content into audio formats. Audio is the only mode that allows you to target GenZ, Millennials and GenX all at once; the content is highly accessible. Integrate Microcasting, Podcasting, Audio Articles, and Branded Playlists to amplify user engagement & time on site, brand perception, etc. Besides, it has a wider reach, and the audience pays attention to what they hear, thus making your digital content strategy more interactive.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing Videos are hot for more than 5 years now. Be it Youtube, Tiktok, or some other video-watching platform, average people are spending over 19 hours a week watching videos online. This has turned the facade of online video marketing. With the rise of smartphones, strategy, equipment, and editing software, video creation has seen rapid growth. 83% of video marketers say that video helps them generate leads. Videos help them in generating quality traffic and educating people about a brand, its services and the audience's perspective. Before getting into video marketing, ponder over important aspects, including,
  • The target audience and the amount of time they spend online watching videos.
  • Get a plan, video scripting, and imagery, and choose a platform.
  • Set up a timeline and budget for your video.
  • Distribute your video all across.
  • Create measurable metrics.
  • Attract, convert and close.
Create brand videos, demo videos, event videos, interviews, educational videos, explainer videos, animated videos and live videos.

Link Building

Link Building Going viral is what we all are chasing to grow online. If it’s about your website and you want your business to go viral, acquiring links to your website from other websites can be the best prospect. High-quality backlinks are more powerful than ever; it helps in determining a site's credibility and creates more ranking and conversion opportunities. Increasing the number and quality of inbound and outbound links to a webpage will improve your opportunities to get online recognition, brand building, etc. Links act as a token for you to establish your credibility in the eyes of the search engine to bypass your competitors to rank higher.

AR/VR Marketing

AR VR Marketing AR/VR has found its footing after the advent of web 3.0. This goes without saying that technological advancements are driving marketing to the whole next level to simplify the human interaction with products and brands. The two technologies create a fully immersive environment for brands to influence the target audience. Have you seen those filters on Instagram and Snapchat that allow you to interact with 3D objects? Brands like Gucci, Sephora, Wendy, Lowe's, Boursin, Adidas, and Tom have already taken VR/AR into action to improve their reach to potential audiences and render more Personalized Ad Experiences. AR/VR provides an edge to the brands to look beyond ordinary marketing and create the new possibility to experience things. As per a report by Statista, Augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality market sizes worldwide are expected to jump by more than 220 billion dollars between 2021 and 2028.

Host Webinars

Host Webinars Digital disruption is leading rapidly and is known to generate a large online presence for brands. Webinar Hosting keeps the audience engaged when you share something of value with them. Webinars have the potential to draw in a good amount of likable traffic. Marketing webinars on the right place can help your win traffic, and if the webinar goes well, it will get your promotion done. Digital marketing is all about business growth, and all these methods are targeted for maximum reach. If you create an effective and convertible digital marketing strategy with its footing strongly laid, your campaign is more likely to turn into a success. If you are still wondering how to launch a conversion-oriented digital marketing campaign, reach out to us at

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