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Running Over 500 Successful Paid Marketing Campaigns

Couldn’t reap expected results from your paid campaign? It’s time to pivot on a dime to transform your failed SEM marketing campaign into a productive one. Whether you are new to PPC ads planning to get started or want to improve your existing PPC ad campaign, you can approach us for quantifiable and result-driven PPC services. As a fully-fledged PPC Marketing Agency in Noida, we have been assisting all from entrepreneurs to small companies and from well established large enterprises to eCommerce businesses to get an edge over their competitors by running successful marketing campaigns.  

Problems you may face while setting up PPC campaigns
  • Increased Digital Ad Spend
  • Heightened Competition
  • Strict Industry Regulations
  • Shifting Customer Needs
  • Changing Marketing Standards
  • Surge in Ad Blockers
  • Unclear Target Audience

Our Approach to Launch a Successful PPC Campaign

Every marketer tries to do more with less; here “less” seems to be the driving word, but “more” is all that matters. Less investment for more leads, more sales and more ROI is what marketers expect. To let a paid campaign yield good results, a lot of things come in view. 

As an award-winning web design and development company, we perform a thorough qualitative and quantitative research about keywords, competitions, niche and everything possible.

Nothing can be more effective than visual storytelling and engaging design to elaborate on the beauty of the brand. We focus on functionality, usability, and visualization to improve the retention rate and reduce the bounce rate.

By writing and incorporating content with an interactive UX design, we help your users and search engines find what they want.

From a marketing perspective, CMS integration holds unparalleled worth. It helps non-coders to update, delete and modify content without any technical assistance. Manage your content on your own using CMS.

Your ranking is our responsibility. We use the best search engine optimization tactics to earn the favour of search engine giants for your brand.

Types of PPC Ads We Run

When it comes to the type of pay per click ads, the options are galore, depending upon your business goals, market range, expectations and budget.

Display Ads

Expand your digital reach by getting display ads placed on Google Display Network. Ready to build your brand awareness?

Search Ads

Get strong and high quality leads by appearing for those who are already searching for your product or services.

Remarketing Ads

Connect with people who have already interacted with your website. Reach high-converting customers to multiply your revenue several times.

Social Ads

Social media paid advertising is growing at an exceptional pace. Utilize high-traffic social media platforms, like Face book, LinkedIn and Twitter, to improve your brand perception, visibility and sales.

Local Services Ads

It works on the pay-per-lead model and not pay-per-click. Improve the visibility of your business in target demographics to get quality leads.

In-stream Ads

Also known as YouTube ads, appear on YouTube search result to let you present your brand in a unique and visually attractive way to prompt sales.

Google Shopping Ads

Suitable for eCommerce businesses, Google Shopping Ads appear on Google search results and are clicked by the potential and convinced audience interested in making purchases.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP)

Reach your prospective leads right in their mailbox to improve conversion. Generate high-quality leads with click-to-call options that we present.

Amazon PPC Ads

Organize your Amazon PPC campaigns with our PPC experts to generate maximum profit through suitable Amazon PPC ads.

Benefits of PPC Marketing

Benefits of PPC Marketing

Empower Your PPC campaign to Win Click Battle

From understanding your customers to predicting their selection of terms to create and feature ads, we have acquired a knack to create, refine and organize your PPC campaigns for higher conversion rate. 

Our team of 20+ PPC marketing professionals collaborates to devise strategies for your custom PPC campaign that fits your business goals, industry competition and budget. Get dedicated representative to assist you throughout your campaign. 

We know the competition is high, but when we create your PPC ads, we make sure that these ads target audience who are already willing to purchase your product. Thus, improving the chances of conversion and uptick in sales.

Empower Your PPC campaign to Win Click Battle

Why Approach Assert IT Solutions as PPC Marketing Agency?

When it comes to the success of PPC campaigns, we are second to none. 

Our campaigns utilize best advertising technology and resources to drive successful campaigns. 

  • We research all worthy keywords for your industry, brand, and present you a list of all relevant keywords.
  • We strategically compose your ad campaign copy 
  • We set ad bid purposefully to acquire maximum ROI
  • We optimize the performance of your ad campaigns regularly 
  • We run your ads on Google, Bing, and Gmail and update you with performance reports 

Are you still invisible to your target audience? Give us a call, and we’ll enhance your visibility.

Best PPC Marketing Agency in Noida - Assert IT Solutions

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Frequently Asked

PPC is an advertising strategy that gets instant results. It generates measurable results and performs better than any other marketing channel. If you are new to the market and want to build your online presence quickly, PPC would be the best way. With pay-per-click advertising, you can place your promotional ads across the web. You can run these ads on different ad networks for maximum reach.

It can benefit your business in a number of ways.

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Target potential customers
  • Promote your products/services widely
  • Direct traffic to your website
  • Increased sales/ conversion or at least leads

Launching a PPC campaign is a matter of seconds, but preparing for it takes the heart and the soul, and it may take several months to work. Besides, to realize its potential to the fullest, the campaign should be managed strictly. With no performance history or prior data, everything with a PPC campaign is newly designed. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend bucks for it. Be patient and let our professional PPC management team handle it all for you.

The cost of PPC Advertising is up to you. You need to pre-determine your budget cap to ensure that it doesn’t surpass your limits. Depending upon the size, scale and scope of your business, you can invest in PPC. Start with a daily budget and see how far it goes with you and try to increase it accordingly. Having us as your PPC Management Company, you will be assisted throughout the process. We pay attention to all the essential elements- budget, location, scope, audience, etc. to ensure that you are reaching the right people at the right time. On average, the PPC budget starts with $10/- per day.

Every pay-per-click campaign we run is strategically designed and is unique in itself. Our PPC campaigns are logical with an organized structure. While choosing keywords, we perform comprehensive keyword research to ensure that the keywords are highly relevant to your business and brand. We undertake the ongoing management and maintenance of individual PPC campaigns.

  • Optimize the Website/ Landing Page
  • Set Bidding Strategy and Budget
  • Keyword Selection
  • Create Copy and Creative for Ads
  • Add Relevant CTA

It’s the most discussed question with an uncertain answer. The possible answer to this is if you want to grow with organic traffic, SEO services would be better, and if you want to grow with instant traffic and have enough budget, you can pick PPC services. If you are still on the fence, you can try using both marketing channels to see which one works well for you. To learn more, consult with our Digital Marketing Experts.

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