Flexible Engagement Models in Software Development for Everyone

Our software development services are modelled to assist you with your project in the best possible way. Choose from our variety of services and models to get quality, agility, and reliability in one place.

Our Approach - Start your Journey with the Right Engagement Model

Assert IT Solutions is your outsourcing partner that helps you get an edge over competitors by turning to the best engagement models within your reach. Upon understanding your business objects, we pan out effective development models to deliver secure & reliable solutions for long.
Owing to years of expertise in a wide range of techniques, we have acquired an understanding of what works best for businesses. We can help you with the selection of the right tool, technology, language, framework, and other information. We do create contracts and forms with the duration and responsibilities mentioned to ensure that we get the best services on time.

We offer you:

  • The flexibility you deserve
  • Transparency to keep you informed for increased control
  • Services that serve your primary business objectives
  • Quick turnaround services & 24/7 support on critical issues
  • A qualified team is always at your disposal.

Our Engagement Models

Multiplicity is what we believe in and here we present you with a range of models that can help you take your online business to new horizons. Given its own advantage and disadvantage, every method is unique in itself. In the IT industry, the most preferred engagement models are Outstaffing, Dedicated Team, Fixed Bid, Time and Materials Contract. Let’s see what these models have to offer.

Fixed Bid

The fixed bid follows a price model approach that can be availed by all. Under this category, we allow you to make smart contracts for a fixed amount that can be billed for a destined task. If you have a clear outline of your project specifications and predefined milestones, this would be the best approach for small size and urgent projects.

Benefits of Fixed Bid

  • Bills can be split and paid upon completion of the pre-discussed milestone
  • Prices remain fixed unless services are changed
  • Cancel or Upgrade Package Anytime
  • Strict terms and conditions and clear scope
  • The cost will be discussed before the fulfilment of the project

Time and Materials Contract (T&M)

Time and material bound projects with no pretty clear requirement can go with T&M. The prices of the services depend upon the hourly rate as decided by labour hours and the development process. You should have an estimate of the number of hours and scope of work for your project to get an average of prices. Also, you can try to negotiate rates to get
cost-effective services.

The Benefits of T&M

  • Limited and pre-estimated prices
  • Qualified team and quality work
  • Desirable flexibility to manage the team and workload
  • Monthly changes estimated by the team and accepted by the client.

This approach offers the flexibility to balance team size and project workloads and offers continuous control over time, budget and deliverables.


Diverse and complex operations require a flexible and custom-designed approach which can be availed by outstaffing. This approach works well for long-term projects and offers full control over the process. Hire a specialist with the desired skills to add to your existing team and bring proficiency to your job.

The benefits of Outstaffing

  • Access to the best team available
  • Cost-effective and budget-friendly solutions
  • Professional execution of projects
  • Increased organizational efficiency and flexibility.
  • Dedicated Team to serve your project

Dedicated Development Team

Having a team to accomplish your complex project is always a harbinger of a positive approach. Our dedicated development team model is the right fit for almost all types of projects. It renders full control in the hands of our clients and is scalable. At Assert IT Solutions, we remain focused on adding strength to your team by offering collaborative solutions.

The benefits of DDT

  • Team for global clientele across diverse industries
  • Monthly bills with no hidden charges
  • Prices will be based on work

Methodology We Follow

Once you are done with the selection of the engagement model, we will help you pick the appropriate workflow/methodology. Our team is proficient at implementing all the suggested methodologies. We give no way to confusion or miscommunication. We will keep you in the loop throughout to ensure that you are being reported for all that we do. Pick one and leave the rest on us. Our professional capabilities, when leveraged with outstanding methodologies, the results will speak.


Agile development methods involve splitting a project into multiple phases. It’s a practice in which development and testing activities run concurrently. With an aim to turn your vision into an effective software solution, we focus on team interaction. We collaborate constantly with the team and stakeholders to ideate and implement the best possible strategies. The evolutionary development process and team collaboration contribute to a desirable software development approach.


As a secure and result-oriented software development model, the waterfall is ideal for a range of projects with predefined goals that are unlikely to change. The process of the project is sequential and can reduce overlapping of tasks; the product is the final result. Ideal to be used for static projects, it goes well for precisely defined small or mid-scale projects. The estimate of time and budget is precise and approachable.


As a subset of Agile, Scrum is an iterative software development model ideal for the development and management of complex software. The scrum approach manages its fixed-length iterations with a development process divided into sprints: sprint planning, daily stand-up, sprint demo, and sprint retrospective. Once done with the sprint, the team will proceed with the next steps and perform testing and changes throughout the development process.


Encouraging minor changes to the development system, Kanban is a visual framework based on and used to implement Agile. It improves the team’s capacity, transparency, flexibility, and eventually output. The methodology is focused on customer needs and optimized workflow. Kanban revolves around reducing waste and minimizing cycle time.

How We Proceed?

At Assert IT Solutions, we are endowed with top-notch technological assistance and trained professionals to ensure that each phase meets its goals. We devise approaches that comply with project scope and requirements. Our clients share their unique project descriptions and comprehensive details so that we bring about the best results. See how we can lead your project.

  1. Share your needs

We start with jotting down your status, ideas and expectations. Rest assured, we will keep it all secure and secure under non-disclosure agreements.

  1. Use Technology Stack

We are professionally endowed with the best technology stack to come up with the best UI/UX designs and architecture.

  1. Discuss the detailed outline

We need to understand your project to outline a project roadmap. Thereafter, our engineers figure out ways to take over complexities to build future-oriented results.

  1. Pricing

Upon deciding the process, we outline the cost of our services, keeping technology, methodology and platform in mind. Our services are competitively priced, and you will have to pay reasonable prices for them.

Let’s discuss your next big project.

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