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Top-Class & Resourceful Dedicated Development Team

Upgrade your efficiency by opting a dedicated team model for IT Outsourcing. Integrating a well-formed team in your IT department would streamline your business process for the enhanced outcome.

Hiring new candidates for particular technology or framework or even for a project may be a bit steep, whereas hiring these experts at the outset saves plenty on operating costs to make them worthwhile later. These experts bang up-to-date with what’s happening in the digital landscape and keep up with the industry current and are adroit at using all the latest technologies.

With our 10 years of experience, Assert IT Solutions managed to provide teams to 1000+ businesses functioning in diverse industries. The teams we select undergo a rigorous selection process, which helps us pick best-in-class IT professionals. Owing to their vast industry experience and understanding of their job, they can speed up the task for value-based results.

Advantage of Hiring Dedicated Development Team

Access to Talented and Experienced Team

Having an accountable team to perform uphill tasks is half the work done. At Assert IT Solutions, you can reach out to 500+ in-house Software Developers, UI/UX designers, Quality Analysts, Graphic designers, Content Writers, SEO Experts, Digital Markets, Project Managers, Sales Team, Business Development Executive

Full Control over Project and Team

You are freed from the burden of team management but will have sufficient control over the workflow, project delivery, and teamwork through definite project management, communication process, and progress tracking tools.

Easy process administration

From assigning a team to proceeding with the employment contract and payroll management, we’ll administer it. Rest assured. We provide your 100% transparency throughout.

Quick Set-Up and Launch

We are backed by all the resources and can adapt your existing communication model for smooth interaction. We are equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to give your project a jump-start.

Reduced Expensive and Minimized Risk

Hiring a dedicated team is a cost-effective solution for all your IT needs. These experts are moderately priced. No unexpected or hidden expenses, no delayed project, and no time waste.

Customer Focused Work Culture

We have cultivated a work culture that promotes growth. The team is self-motivated and trained to accomplish their job within the destined time without external support.

Pick Your Team- Work with Top Industry Experts

Software Developers

Web Apps, Mobile Apps, CMS, Ecommerce, Website developers, JavaScript, Full-Stack Developers, DevOps

Digital Marketers

SEO Specialists, Content Marketing Consultants, PPC Experts, SMM Experts, Performance Marketing Specialists.

Designing Team

UI/UX Designers, Web And Mobile Designers, Graphic Designers

QA Experts

Web UI & Functional QA Experts, Quality Assurance

Engineers Business Analysis Team

Dedicated Business Analysts, Strategic Planners, Process designers

Management Team

Dedicated Project Management Teams, Strategic Planners, Process Designers

Best ERP Software for Start-ups, SMEs and Large Enterprises

Integrate, automate, and accelerate your diverse business operations with our customizable and scalable ERP solution, which provides you with a more centralized management framework. 

More Power to You. More power to Your Growth.
Our ERP solutions are ingrained to combine and record workflow: manufacturing, distribution, invoice tracking, inventory management, supply chain management, logistics, production planning, purchase management, warehouse management, accounting, sales module, finance, HR, customer support service, etc. in a single platform to make more refined and data-based decisions.

Web Designing

Why Opt Assert IT Solutions for Dedicated Development Team?

When you choose us as your software development and IT consulting partner, you choose quality, flexibility, and agility. Irrespective of what scope or size of team you need, we will assist you with all. We have been helping our clients for more than 10 years with on-budget and on-time project deliveries.

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Frequently Asked

Enterprise Resources Planning software or ERP is designed to manage day-to-day business operations to ensure smooth functioning in key operations including, financial, manufacturing, distribution, and HR. An ERP solution caters industry-specific functionality to enable digital management for all. Regardless of company size, implementing an ERP strategy can help you realize your company goals and create technology-driven business models. For a small business, we enable the smart process to let them yield possible results. We are the best ERP vendor to customize ERP solutions as per your business goals and future-state processes to achieve maximum productivity. 

A company’s performance is its main asset. ERP helps you optimize productivity, simplify tasks, and plan & schedule resources. It streamlines your business by giving you enhanced visibility in business processes to help you take the right measures at the time. It will enhance your productivity by viewing your real-time day and improve relationships. ERP software eliminates loopholes to bring uniformity to the process.

Well, it depends majorly upon the requirements of the process. If the process is too complex and involves a multiplicity of operations, the ERP solution has to be efficient to comply with the needs and solve IT issues. Also, with ERP comes a lot of versatility and consistency that every business needs. It becomes easy to implement the approach and address the issues that the company faced earlier. Let our ERPO consultant address the issues you are facing so that they can guide you with the best possible.

Surely, you can track the performance as it reflects directly in your business operations, productivity and revenue. Your performance may depend upon a number of factors including time, cost, risk, improvement in task automation, revenue etc. Performance in terms of ROI may be department-centred or company centred or process-centred. Understand your measuring parameters and understand your performance.

The ERP pricing depends on various factors including the involved features, no of modules in ERP and the size of the ERP. It could range anywhere between $500 and $1000 and exceed if you want to make it more immense. Contact our ERP consultant to share your ideas and know more about ERP software pricing.

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