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Tips to Keep SEO Rank While Updating Your Website Design


Tips to Keep SEO Rank While Updating Your Website Design

Does your website look outdated? This goes without saying, but a website design update is a must to retain customers. But, at what cost? Lost ranking? No. Let’s cut to the chase on how you can improve your SEO rank while working on your website. Design trends evolve constantly. You can’t think of holding on to one for long. Website designing is gruesome and demands time, money and professionalism, just like a physical store. You have to have a fully-furnished online store with properly done SEO to make your business stand out. It’s been noticed that a properly done website redesign and properly run SEO campaign can get you 300% more leads. Note: Avoid redesigning pitfalls to make the website on the top with an appealing look.

Why Should You Consider Website Redesign?

Why You Should Consider Website Redesign There are various conditions when you should consider website redesigning, as listed.
  • Non- mobile-friendly website
  • Hard to navigate websites
  • The website doesn’t show up on top
  • Visitors drive away from the website
  • Slow-paced website
  • The website with security issues

Why Maintain & Focus on SEO Rank during a Redesign?

Why Maintain SEO Ranking during a Redesign Let’s assume that your site is doing great with strong, organic traffic. Can you afford to lose all of it? SEO rank is hard to keep during a website revamp since you are fidgeting with its layout, content and other aspects. Apparently, you have a lot to lose. But I guess you don’t want to; to get over it, think strategically. If you are starting off with a website redesign, take this chance to improve the site’s performance -simplify the user experience, focus on your content strategy, facelift your site, quicken uploading speed, and enhance data security. For this, you need to reach out to professional SEO Services in Noida to get it all done with accuracy and professionalism. You can implement both small and large-scale changes to your website for a full-scale website redesign.

How to Sustain SEO Ranking?

How to Sustain SEO Ranking Collect all the keyword ranking data from Google Search Console and maintain a spreadsheet to keep the records. If you don’t find any of them ranking, recreate your strategy from scratch as your current strategy is not brewing results. But if you find them, continue reading the article.

Create Link Structure and Meta Descriptions

Establish the current link structure to your site by working on your existing sitemap and transferring all of it to a spreadsheet. If you don’t have any knowledge of the site’s structure, grab the structure, Meta data and URLs to start from the basics and identify the changes. Input the links to all the existing pages to make it easy for you to check and verify the new site structure.

Keep Architecture Intact

Go through the overall hierarchy and overall linking structure to know what it looks like. It is applicable only if you are doing great in terms of SEO rank. We suggest you to not to scuffle with the ranking if it is good.

Maintain the Consistency of Content

Changes in content will make you lose your ranking at a steadfast pace for search indexing. If any of your keywords rank at the top of the search result page, it’s better to not to fiddle with its content. Follow the adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”, i.e., why to change it all if you are already on the top?

Conduct On-Page Optimization of Your Content

With design changes in place, the next step would be to do an on-page analysis of your content. Analyze all the title, headers, meta-descriptions, and the body of the content to ensure that it is the same as the previous one. Maintain a spreadsheet to keep the comparison of the content part after website design along with the changes that might have occurred during the redesigning process.

Redirect all changed URLs

For any URL changes that you make on your page, don’t forget to set up redirects. You can do this using additional plug-ins on WordPress and other CMS. Webmasters prefer to make 301 redirections if you are permanently moving to different URLs from the existing one.

Use Same Meta Data

When you Google something, the search page shows results that match your search intent with the website followed by titles and descriptions. Check if the Meta description you have added matches the page content. If you fail to add it, Google will pick it from the page itself. But if you are moving the site over, you can use the existing Meta description. Sync your website with Google Analytics and configure it with the Google search console so as not to miss any essential details and to ensure that your site is indexed properly. There is a lot you should consider to redesign your website without losing your SEO apart from all that we have mentioned. A lot of technicalities are there that you may fail to manage without the proper experience, and in such a case, you should approach a website designing company in Noida. If your website is hard to navigate at present, website redesigning will help you explore more ways to make your website interactive and engaging. Since the appearance of your website can retain users for a long, it should be worked on with utter care and professionalism.

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