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Facebook Automated App Ads – How can they help Streamline Your Mobile Ad Campaigns?


Facebook Automated App Ads – How can they help Streamline Your Mobile Ad Campaigns?

Have you ever thought of optimizing your campaign through machine learning rather than manual adjustments? It's now possible with Facebook automated app ads. The world is driving towards Web 4.0 (the mobile-oriented web 3.0), and so are the marketers. Elevating the standards of the marketing approach is the best step to take at present. Turned into Meta, Facebook has taken its first step toward the future; the rest is to follow. Today, we will be talking about Facebook Automated App Ads and how this will help you help streamline your mobile ad campaigns. This will help you glide through the transition smoothly.

What are Facebook Automated App Ads?

What are Facebook Automated App Ads Automated App Ads optimizes app campaigns on various parameters across creative, audience and optimization types to maintain performance when the budget is elevated. These automated app ads serve high-performing creative variations to the potential audience through different platforms. It’s the easiest way to achieve the most from your app install campaigns with the least effort. These campaigns are easy to run and are powered by machine learning to achieve the highest performance. AAA= User Acquisition

Difference between Manual and Automated App Ads

Difference between Manual and Automated App Ads
  1. The first and foremost difference between the two is that Facebook Automated App Ads require fewer inputs. It eliminates the need for manual adjustments and keeps things going automated. Another difference is in campaign creation that you can run multiple ad sets and ads per campaign while setting up the ads manually, while automated ads allow you to set one ad set and one ad per campaign.
  2. AAA sets up dynamically tested creative combinations of up to 50 images/videos, 5 headlines, and 5 descriptions. While for the manual setting up of campaigns you need to manually test creative and their combinations. AAA targets via targeted ads with a very broad targeting control but with a huge creative capacity.
  3. The Placement Optimization done via AAA shows ads in multiple locations as it will be distributed across multiple channels. Integration of dynamic ads can let you choose images from your product catalog. Use the Automated App Ads optimization model for app installs and in-app purchases to balance performance between the cost per install and per purchase. Manual targeting goes with App Installs Optimization, App Events Optimization and Value Optimization for audience’s interest targeting.
  4. The bidding strategy can be set to substantially low cost with simplified reporting.

Benefits of AAA

We have enlisted a range of benefits of AAAs that can help you grow readily, check them out. Benefits of AAA

Simple to Set Up with Less Launch Time

Automated app ads can be created faster than manual ads as these ads go through the automated process to save your time and efforts.

Improved Results with Automation

Using AAA, one can create high-performing campaigns with the best creative and copy to let an ad be a buzz.

Easy Campaign Creation

Every ad campaign can bring a change to the business and hence is important. Creation and set up of Ads become easy with Facebook Automated App Ads.

Deliver High-Performing Ads

Automation works on certain parameters set by specialists; fewer inputs, faster results, simplified campaign.

Perfect Placement Optimization

This helps in optimizing ads to be visible to your potential audience across Instagram, Facebook, Audience Network and Messenger.

Creation of Ad Creative

All you need is 50 unique images or videos, up to 5 primary text options, and up to 5 headlines.

Audience Options

Though limited, it offers all essential audience options- country, language and app store. It will limit your reach – 1 campaign for 1 country.

Overall Optimization

Improved delivery models for app install optimization, app event optimization and value optimization. If you want mobile app installs and broad targeting with cost per install as your primary KPI, AAA can help you with that.

Sustain Performance over Time

Facebook Automated App Ads help scale the right ads to the right audience to win maximum value for both people and businesses and drive more installs at scale with sustained performance.

Which Ads are better for your Businesses: AAA or Manual Ads?

AA Ads or Manual Ads When you run ads, the goal is to achieve maximum leads and conversion; some run ads for branding too. Whether to go with AAA or manual is dependent upon your goals. If you want to shift from the traditional manual method to an automated time-saving process, it would be a win-win condition for you. Manual setting up of ad campaigns allows you to target audiences on the basis of Age, Gender, Demographics, Interests, Behaviors, Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences. AAA campaigns can be managed within Ads Manager with traffic or conversion objectives. Through manual set-up, your ad creative types can vary- playable ads, carousel ads and the Instant Experience format. While AAA can pick content dynamically with better content quality, manual ad campaigns need you to set it up on your own with limited creatives. With automation, you rely heavily on automation and give it more control. It won’t work for advertisements with a limited library of creatives as it needs extensive quality. When we use Facebook Automated App Ads, it distributes ads to places for maximum reach. AAA helps in enhanced optimization by improving the delivery models. Through manual bidding, you can customize your ads your way with essential details to add. If you need any more details on the same, reach out to our Social Media Marketing Agency in Noida to get a clear view of how Facebook Automated App Ads work.

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