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Effective Strategies to Promote Your Business using LinkedIn Stories


Effective Strategies to Promote Your Business using LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories feature has been here for a while now. However, the confusion still persists regarding its usage. Whether experts or freshers, everyone wonders “How can I use LinkedIn Stories to grow my business”? As pictured, LinkedIn is a social media platform with over 740 million members and 55 million registered companies. LinkedIn is next in the queue to launch stories after Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. WHY? What makes these stories worth it? And how can you create and use social strategy to improve your online reputation through LinkedIn?

The "now and then" of Linkedin Stories

Linkedin stories were a feature in India on October 6 2020 after its unbeaten performance in major countries like Australia, the UAE, the US, Canada, Netherlands France Brazil. Just like other social media apps, LinkedIn Stories are featured for only 24 hours before disappearing. You can create short 20-second videos to interact with your connections. There is no limit to posting these stories. Users can experiment with these stories to jump in, post their heart out, and let the connection go through it. We all know that LinkedIn is professional’s social media geared towards professional networking. Finding jobs, connecting with people of the same field, digital resumes, posting jobs, etc. - all this can be done on LinkedIn.
  • We live to share.
  • We live in the age of sharing.
  • It improves our connections with others.
Share your achievements, mistakes, problems, and all the imperfect moments in your professional life. Becoming a brand is not a cinch; you have to be omnipresent for your audience. The feature was a long time coming, LinkedIn believes. Stories spread for a good reason: they offer a lightweight, fun way to share an update without it having to be perfect or attached to your profile forever.” says Pete Davies, the head of Consumer Products at LinkedIn.

Advantages of LinkedIn Stories

The primary purpose of LinkedIn to introduce Linkedin stories is to burst the monotony and let professionals share their moments with communities. The primary context of how we differentiate LinkedIn stories from competing platforms is their orientation towards business and profession. We know we can’t use it for the same purpose as that of other platforms. The tone has to be formal, promotional and informative. Being easily accessible, these stories are earning favours. Besides, these stories should not be a replacement for regular LinkedIn feed posts as these are temporary ones. So, the material you are to post should be picked carefully to only broaden the scope of your business. The fact that these stories may fail to reap direct results can be countered by the fact that they can create hype around the brand to serve the basic marketing purpose. LinkedIn stories can provide you with the surface to elaborate your services and products, to reach and influence your audience, and to open up the windows to future prospects. We have already seen how well these stories perform for brands. It’s our turn to use these stories to grow. Let’s see how we can strategically create stories that engage.

Strategies to Promote Your Business through LinkedIn Stories

Promoting your business in a digitally-driven world is both snug and competitive at one time. Marketing on LinkedIn generates leads, establishes strategic partnerships, and builds brand awareness. The more you see, the more you learn to create and curate. And on LinkedIn, active users search for new ways to learn and grow. The story feature is customer-centric. They can explore all that they want to satiate their cravings. Visiting every particular account isn’t possible, but stories are easy to access and give an instant peek into accounts that users want to visit. Nevertheless, it also benefits B2B businesses willing to expand. Companies can strengthen their reputation by building connections. They can engage with customers on a deeper level to form a lasting relationship. A shift to stories becomes easier if you have used this feature earlier on other platforms.
  1. Share Content having Worth:

    Sharing impromptu content would only drive the users away. Create and share the content of real-time activities as these stories have limited time. The content should be refined, encouraging, benefiting to real-time users. It could be BTS, an early shot of later happenings. Accounts that represent a company or an organization can share updates about the company as a strategy to keep users updated. Event updates are featured more often for being a top-notch marketing activity to increase and update followers. Whether it’s a small event, or a wide enterprise affair, sharing an event synopsis, be it live or not, would keep viewers up to date with ongoing and upcoming events to create some sort of buzz around the brand.
  2. Testimonials are Enthralling:

    These action-provoking testimonials bring customers to the threshold of making the decision about you and your brand. No matter what gen you belong to, it’s in the human psyche to believe word of mouth more than anything. Here testimonial shows up as a powerful and immortal tool that never fails to impress and express. Social media these days is dominated by millennial strata that look for services, vendors and products but trust issues await. Manage to flaunt satisfactory customer stories, clippings, and other valuable feedback from clients on LinkedIn stories.
  3. Use Tips and Tricks to Lure:

    Drawing people to your offerings is a two-way process, and as a business person, who should know who and how to attract. Stories can be the perfect way to put forward your offerings. This will help you jot loyal supporters who are ready to visit your page for refreshments. These stories are in great demand and are the easiest way to sell or feature brands and associated products. You can ask them to share your stories as well.
  4. Trends can Fetch Your Attention:

    If you stick by emerging trends to keep your visitors informed, the higher are the chances that they will turn to you again. This will help you boost your airtime with followers, thus contributing to the brand. Post content and trends related to your field and industry to create a buzz. Deliver your essential brand news through Linkedin. To make these stories interesting, users can use stickers or ask questions (AMA), brand mentions, text overlays, credits, and anything they want apart from regular content.
  5. Fling Q&A Sessions:

    You want your customers to get acquainted with your brand, right? How? By connecting with them regularly. The catch is, conceding what customers want to see. Be it hosting a pep talk or a question-answer session, you can show what your brand holds. You can ask questions like “which product or services makes you like us” or one that prompts a user response. You can ask your followers to ask questions and respond later.
Company owners, businessmen, and entrepreneurs willing to expand their reach global reach can use LinkedIn stories as a possible source. Interacting with your audience through LinkedIn stories can help the business grow unprecedentedly. Have any queries? Connect with our experts to learn more.

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