All about Google Marketing Live 2022


All about Google Marketing Live 2022

Here is what you need to know about major announcements declared during Google Marketing Live 2022. The fact that Google Marketing Live announcements 2022 are making hype is true, and marketers should be really aware of all of them to keep up with the trends. These 16 alterations and additions to Google Ads and Commerce include small features, developments, betas, tools, etc. Primarily, the Marketing Live was focused on improving video ads, automation and forward-looking technologies. Let’s just simplify things to make them easier for you. Here is a roundup: First thing first,

Use Automation to Deliver Better Results across Google Ads Channels and Inventory

By now most of marketers must be aware of Performance Max, and if not, it’s designed to bring together the best of automation technologies to drive better results across all Google Ads channels and inventory. Statistics say that Advertisers that Performance Max sees an average increase of 13% in total incremental conversions at a similar cost per action. Recently, performance max tossed about these updates that are worth your attention to drive more value, convert customers, and acquire rich insights.
  • Ability to optimize for in-store sales.
  • Burst campaigns for seasonal foot traffic.
  • ‘Experiment tools’ for improved A/B testing to see how Performance Max is improving conversions.
  • More insights on attribution, audience and auction insights.
  • Expanded Support for Search 360 and the Google Ads app with Floodlight conversion.
  • Optimization score recommendation for improved campaigns.
Insights Page Updates – Identify customer demands and data trends through Attribution insights, Budget insights and Audience insights for first-party data.

Rethink Video Ads across Google and YouTube to Connect With Max People

Starting today, your Video action campaigns and App campaigns are gradually rolling out on YouTube Shorts globally. Later this year, product feeds connected to your campaigns will also start showing up on YouTube Shorts, making your video ads even more shippable. Ads in YouTube Shorts Video action campaigns and App campaigns will be on YouTube Shorts, just like Tiktok or Instagram. Though the allotted time is one minute in length and advertisers may require to hone in the creative frame to fit the limit. Swipable Shopping Ads in Search To improve the visual shopping experience, advertisers can invest in ad display pairs for organic shopping results. This feature can only be availed by apparel brands for an Immersive shopping experience. Video Ads in Google Discover Google plans to add short video ads to discover sections to let organic content flow and spark interest. 3D Models of Products Augmented reality (AR) is going to be a new normal, and shoppers want it. In the USA, 90% of shoppers use AR for shopping. Display & Video 360 Connected TV Campaigns Advertisers can enable connected TV campaigns using Display & Video 360  to reach affinity, in-market, and demographic audiences across YouTube and other ad-supported connected TV apps.

Flexibility for Forward-Looking Features

  • Conversion Lift Tests: Use conversion lift testing to understand the business impact of your ads.
  • Google Tag: All-new global site tags can be used to simplify your tag management
  • Search Lift Tests: See how YouTube campaigns on driving organic searches on Google and YouTube
  • New Privacy Options: Explore new privacy options for advanced interest-based advertising and remarketing.
  • My Ad Center: Allow users to select the types of ads they want to see.

Expansion of Optimization Score

The Google Ads’ Optimization Score is expanding to cover every campaign type for advertisers all around the world.

Focus on Mobile-First Layouts for Responsive Display Ads

Showcase your brand on full-screen vertical ad inventory through the all-new mobile-first layouts. Besides, scrollable ads and videos based on your product feed are groundbreaking announcements for advertisers by Google. Stick to these latest Google Marketing Live updates to make your business ads a super success.

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