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A Comprehensive Guide to Hire Mobile App Developers in India


A Comprehensive Guide to Hire Mobile App Developers in India

No matter where your business stands, a small outlet or a large company, staying in front of possible prospects and customers to do business with them is vital to churn new opportunities. The moment you decide to have a mobile app for your business, ideas come flooding. But to bring them into action, you require a feasible strategy, a team to implement it and a viable goal. To bounce off on your app development plan, try hiring professionals through this guide to hire mobile app developers.
  • Fuelled by the emerging demand, the app development industry has snowballed at a rapid pace and is seeing a hyperbolic trajectory by and far. Stats say:
  • By April 2023, Statista expects apps to generate overall revenue of over $935 billion worldwide, a whopping as expected.
  • Reports say that the mobile workforce is expected to grow to 1.87 billion people by 2022 globally.
Statista report reveals that India's app market is projected to grow to US$ 1,663 million in 2022, while CAGR will flesh out by 9.2% to reach US$ 2,365 million in 2026. Mobile app developers are emphasizing on user-centred features to increase engagement rate and download rate. Deciphering the objective of the mobile app helps in formulating the entire app vision. Unspecified goals distort the scope. Go Through This Guide to Hire Mobile App Developers Effortlessly Mobile app development services are offered by all, from freelancers to multinational companies, but who to rely upon is a vital decision. First thing first, let’s see the constraints that you might face while hiring professional Mobile App Developers. Jot it down to delineate what’s important and what’s not.

Challenges in Mobile App Development

UI/UX, Mobile Software, Settings, Development Approach, Device Specificity, Memory, Security, Battery Life, Ability to Adapt to Different Screen Sizes and Orientations, Cultural Differences, Budget, Time Zone Gaps, Lack of In-person Communication, Network Bandwidth, time constraints, marketing and technical challenges are some of the common constraints that you face while developing a mobile application. Anticipating these challenges before going ahead with the developmental process will make the approach sorted and productive. Connect with professional Mobile App Developers to go ahead with the progress.

How App Development Industry is Growing in India?

Since businesses are discovering ways to get off the grounds and find novel opportunities to connect with prospects more often. A mobile app is the easiest way to connect with people from remote locations. To cater to increasing Smartphone users, most businesses have rolled out their apps, and hence app stores are glutting with such apps. But not every app is at par with industry standards to attain the maximum no. of downloads. This Guide to Hire Mobile App Developers will assist you to come up with an app that can max out download instances. The famous adage by Bill Gates, “If your business is not on the Internet then your business will be out of business” is uttering the truth of our time, however with little modification. Swap internet with a mobile app to get the nuance.

Guide to Hire Mobile App Developers in India

Great apps are meant to serve some purpose, and assuming that your ideas are worthy of expansiontake your ideas to a mobile app development company to get righteous feedback. Discuss your ideas with Mobile app developers to let them take a deep dive into your project to get into the details. Navigating the relevance of your ideas and discussing it with professionals will ascertain their potential and success. Here is how you can proceed with it.

Pick Platform for the App

iOS/Android- which one will you prefer for your app? Since 70% of users use android mobile phones and Google Play Store has fewer restrictions, targeting apps for the android platform turns productive to cater to a vast majority. As far as an iOS app is concerned, if you want to target a premium range of audiences amid less competition, you can pick an iOS platform for your app. The Apple store makes optimization easy, and iOS applications see a higher retention rate. Know your target and get started. Once you are done with the platform, Hire Mobile App Developer in India who can work on that particular platform.

UI/UX Matters, Find the Best!

If the final touch matters to you, workable backend functionality will not be enough. Chart out your UI plans or hire mobile app developers who can render an interactive user interface to the App. Make sure the graphics are synchronized with the app's purpose or brand identity. At times, a multitude of apps surface on the app store but are purposeless and get deleted by the users after a few days. UI matters as users seek an attractive and easy-to-navigate app without requiring excessive typing. Besides UI, try working on UX to offer a great user experience. Ensure an engaging user experience by creating a straightforward UX design. Apps like Zomato exemplify what a user-friendly app should look like.

Impel a Slew of Features

Depending upon your business needs, intended use case and target audience, you might get a flurry of features installed in your mobile app. From e-commerce and insurance to retail, telecommunications and healthcare, every industry needs an app to cater to transactions, orders, engagement, etc. When it comes to features, the sky is the limit. Empower your app with efficient and tight security features and integrate geographical and cultural centric features to keep visitors engaged. Now that you have a bird-eye view of all that you want, let’s start with the implementation.

Decide on App Development Cost

App development cost varies significantly for apparent reasons. The more features, the better technology or platform, and the higher the outlay. Say, if you aspire to build a voice-enabled Android-based chatbot for your app, it will be an addition to the cost. Get a ballpark figure for the app, considering the app type, specifications, app design and features, and developer professionalism to decide. Your app should reflect the core competency of your services and business. Get an estimation of expenditure and think if it is viable for you or not. In order to plan for a limited budget app, ask for MVP before going for a full-fledged app. You may get swayed by premium features and themes that can affect your pocket, investigate well before opting for any such feature. Don’t cut corners at an early stage; it’s not worth creating an app that is useless for users. App development can be complicated if not catered to professionally. Jot down the app specifics and look to Hire Mobile App Developers in India.

A Quick Task Assignment to Hire Mobile App Developers

  1. Prepare a brief of everything that your app should have. Create a summary, visualize the appearance, thorough competition and market research, features to prioritize, functionality details and wireframe, communication models, pricing, etc.
  2. Contemplate on your platform and target audience, study their behaviour, app function and scope, and UI/UX design.
  3. Decide on the cost if it matters; costs may vary from company to company and from project to project. A freelancer will charge different from a professional company; give it a shot before getting started.
  4. Reach out to vetted and experienced mobile app developers to reduce the app development time and cost.
  5. Get the job done by an in-house app development team, freelancers, or a Mobile Application Development Company.
Consider the area of specialization of the mobile app developers to hire. The mobile app is all about ideation, coding and designing and preparing it all straight away will save plenty of time, money and effort. Clarify the payment terms beforehand to avoid hindrance later and if possible take the ownership NDA and other necessary credentials.

Why Hire Mobile App Developers from Assert IT?

Technicalities may always hinder the approach if you have not clarified it all in the beginning. We are proficient in modern programming languages and are aware of ins and outs that might come while planning a mobile app. We have a team of professional mobile app developers, who are proficient in Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Business Analysis, Scrum, Design, Q&A Testing and other programming languages. Contact us to know more.

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