Email Marketing

Run effective ROI focused email marketing campaigns

● Email Campaign Planning – ​We’ll identify your email marketing goals and set up the email marketing campaigns to meet the needs of your business. Whether your goal is to share blog updates, boost engagement, build brand awareness, or simply build a sales funnel to convert subscribers into customers, our team will design custom campaigns so that you can see proven ROI.
● Email Newsletter List –​ Our team of experts will work with you to grow your email list consistently, ensuring that you get the maximum open and click-through rate, and the minimum number of unsubscribes. If required, we will also optimize your site to encourage email newsletter signups.
● Email Copywriting –​ Email can be the highest revenue-generating channel for your business if used the right way. Not all email messages can drive subscribers to purchase your product or service. Our team can write personalized copy and messages which appeal to your target audience, making sure that your subscribers convert into revenue-generating customers.
● Email Templates Designing –​ Professionally designed email templates can go a long way in ensuring that your subscribers remain engaged and interact more often with your email blasts. We’ll help you design beautiful templates, optimized for both desktop and mobile, ensuring that it is interactive and represents your overall brand.

● Transparent Reporting – ​We provide you with detailed reporting about the open rates, click-through rates, traffic referred to your site, and sales generated for every campaign. This ensures complete transparency in our process and helps us deliver the best return on your investment.
● 24×7 Support from our team – ​We assign a dedicated manager to manage your email marketing strategy. He/she remains in constant touch with you to
deliver on the expectations and provides time-to-time reporting so that you can track progress.

By 2022, it’s estimated 4.25 billion email users will maintain 1.86 email accounts on
average.Everyone now has at least two email addresses.
Easy and Quick Implementation: Email Marketing is easier to implement than
other channels to reach the customer like creating a blog or running paid ads.
● Complete Ownership: Once a person joins your email list, he’s with you
forever. You own the customer instead of a third party like Google, or
Facebook. You’re not at the mercy of big companies to promote your
Personal Relationships: You have the chance to personally connect with your
customer and understand their needs in a detailed manner.
● 100% Customisable: It helps to segment your customer into different groups
and send personalized messages to each of them for maximum conversion.


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