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Acquire Actionable LEADS to Strengthen Your MARKET REACH

Conversion-Centered E-mail Marketing Services

We take pride in improving your market reach by utilizing the best email marketing practices. Jump on the bandwagon with conversion-centered marketing techniques.
Ideas come and go all day long, but to bring them into practicality, you need to get all your ducks in a row. To jump off the point, E-mail marketing is the cornerstone. Strategizing strong email marketing campaigns helps in building brand awareness and is a potential way to reach your target audience.
At Assert IT Solutions, we raise the bar by sending highly optimized and deliverable commercial messages through email to a targeted audience at the right time.

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• Top Rated Service with Lots Of Benefits

E-mail marketing is a long term racer to contribute significantly to branding, acquisition, engagement, customer retention, directing sales, generating traffic and even referrals. Believe us; we can do it better than anyone else.

• Customer Designed Email Templates

Just like your business, your email templates have to be unique. Our comprehensive email marketing services dive deep in creating and implementing the campaigns and strategy to leverage the full potential of marketing.

• Time Matters in Marketing

Thinking about when to roll out your marketing emails? Well, your worry is worth worrying as more than 306 billion emails are sent per day. Where you will stand is all up to the time you select.

• Personalized Email for Tangible Touch

Emotions transfer faster than words, and we believe in conveying emotions. Our marketing strategists know the touch-points to tailor the message to each subscriber when in buyer journey with your brand.

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Let’s Place You in Your Target Audience Inbox

While strategizing email marketing campaigns, we tailor-made designs for each email, sort out coding of emails, A/B testing, web sign-up implementation, and every nook and cranny that can impact your marketing reach.

We test your emails to get an analytical understanding of how these emails are performing for you. A/B Testing helps us analyze the performance of subject lines to modify them accordingly to help you improve your campaign.

Our Approach to Email Marketing Services

Lowest investment and maximum benefits, email marketing is one of the most potent marketing approaches to date. Moreover, businesses that have twisted to atone for the mobile front are reaping maximum benefits from email marketing, as more than 65% of consumers using mobile phones to check emails (3X higher conversion rate).

• Auditing Existing Campaign

Identifying the flaws and strengths of your existing campaign would help you frame a powerful campaign to stay ahead of the curve. Get an insight to determine the success factors after a detailed audit of audience, content & subscription strategy, email calendar & frequency, and lead management.

• Strategic Planning

We decide on the “what, when, who, and how” of your marketing campaign to frame an approachable email marketing strategy. Speed up your sales cycle by reaching out to the potential audience and guide them from one stage to the next stage of the sales funnel.

• Full Cycle Campaign Management

As your email marketing partner, we create and design email copies, build a template library, divide email lists, test and schedule mails, conduct through analytics. We thoroughly analyze the performance metrics- open & click rates, CTA placements, optimal send times, subject lines, designs and content, consumer actions, conversions, and purchases, etc.

• Use Engagement Models

The goal of email marketing is to promote brand authority, boost engagement by driving sales to funnel, and ROI. Use drip campaigns, lead magnets, engaging newsletters, and action-triggered emails to modulate the systematic flow of emails.

• Growth Is the Final Outcome

We churn a wide variety of marketing automation systems to produce modular data-driven strategies that are highly quantifiable and profitable. Supercharge your consumer outreach to jump-start your online business.

Grow With Professional Email Marketing Services

A well-created E-mail with an engaging copy and call-to-action is a surefire way to get success. As a professional email marketing company, we implement pro email marketing tools, techniques, and email template strategy to custom design your email based on your target market. To count some of the email marketing benefits, it helps in widening audience reach, builds brand awareness, and boosts sales peerlessly. At Assert IT Solutions, our team of experts helps you grow and nurture your online presence based on your business model and growth aspirations.

Do you need some marketing suggestions? There is nothing in the marketing that we can’t help you with; try us once, and you’ll never ever regret it.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my sales hike through your email marketing campaign?

Our email marketing campaigns are formed very strategically, keeping your industry, target audience, reach, business scope and other factors in mind. We stimulate your product value by making it add value to your customers and center our email marketing campaign on it. We try to convey possible solutions to your audience through customized emails that will make their lives easier.

Once they get to know your offerings, along with the benefits they convey to their life, they will be more likely to buy the same. This will eventually increase your sales.

How frequently do you organize email marketing campaigns?

It varies. The frequency depends upon the type of bond you want to build with your customers. For instance, if you want to send emails just to remind your customers about your presence, once a month would be sufficient. But if you strike them with your emails four times a month, it will bring uniformity and create connections. So, the frequency may vary, but the quality will remain the same. We will keep on experimenting to see what works best for you.

How will I track the performance of the email campaign?

We will keep you informed thoroughly. We will share the status of the campaign by revealing the deliverability, open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and Bounce Rate for the email we sent. The record will be shared with you on a monthly and weekly basis as per your requirements.

What type of email will you compose?

From using diversity in subject lines to using different types of email formats, we incorporate diversity into our emails. We produce informational newsletters, sales-focused emails and promotional emails to instigate engagement. Our focus is on improving your subscribers and followers to build credibility. We also send lead magnets to subscribers to ensure that they will retain them for a long time.

What will be your email marketing strategy?

We believe that there is no one size fits all strategy when it comes to email marketing. We will analyze your brand, target audience, industry, and competitors to craft intriguing emails that can efficiently convert. We also use paid software to manage your email campaigns. We start by building a legitimate list of customers, creating content as per their needs, providing value to them, and scheduling emails to maximize open rates and eventually ROI.

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