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Why React JS is the Best Choice for SaaS Development in 2022


Why React JS is the Best Choice for SaaS Development in 2022

React js is the best choice for SaaS Development in 2022 Really? Yeah! You read it right. React js is an open-source JavaScript Library mainly used to develop single-page applications and user interfaces. React js allows developers to access native libraries that are used to build mobile app frameworks using JavaScript. And, it will be considered a good choice for SaaS development. So, without further ado, let’s get into it. Before going ahead, let’s first understand what React Js and SaaS actually are.

React js:

Reactjs React JS is a front-end library written in JavaScript and is developed by Facebook. And, it is an efficient, flexible and declarative JS library. It is used to develop UI (user interfaces) and handle the view layer of apps and web applications. It allows users to access native libraries to build mobile app frameworks. React js is maintained by Facebook (Meta) but was developed by Facebook and a community of companies and individual developers. The programming language, React js, can also be used to create reusable UI components.


saas SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It allows users to access different software over the internet. We can say that it is a cloud-based service that allows users to connect and get access to different software or programs through the internet. There is no need to install the software on the end-users system- it allows access to it directly from the external servers. SaaS is a subscription-based service for which users have to pay accordingly to get access to different programs, software or modules they require.

Key Features of React js:

Key Features of React JS-min As we have discussed above, React is written in JavaScript to build better JS applications. Here’re the reasons you must know to develop a React application.
  1. JSX: JSX stands for JavaScript XML, or it is a syntax extension that allows developers to write HTML code directly into React. It is like XML or HTML syntax used by React js, and it is processed into JS calls of React Frameworks. JSX makes it easy to create a template in React. JSX is recommended to use but not necessary.
  2. One Way Data Binding: React follows the unidirectional or one-way data binding that gives you better control throughout the application. The data flow goes one way in React, as React apps are organized as a series of nested components. These functional components receive information through arguments and pass the information through their return values. Flux is used for one-way data binding. Flux is an application architecture internally used by Facebook to build client-side applications.
  3. React Native: One of the most popular JS frameworks used to build natively rendered applications for Android and iOS. This feature uses the same design as React and helps to build a rich mobile UI from declarative components.
  4. Declarative UI: This one is really the best React feature that helps to make the code more readable and easy to understand. It helps to create an engaging and exciting UI for web applications and mobile apps.
  5. Virtual DOM: It offers flexibility and speeds up the mobile app development process. This is a virtual representation of a UI kept in memory and synched with a real DOM; it is synched with the ReactDOM library.
  6. Performance: React js is also known as a great performer, and it makes it the best framework in comparison to other frameworks. It is a great performer because it manages the virtual DOM, which provides it more flexibility, and speeds up the development process.
  7. Component-Based Architecture: Apps based on React JS are made up of various components that have their own logic written in JavaScript. This provides a facility for the developers to share data across the app without impacting the DOM. DOM stands for Document Object Model which is the structured representation of HTML elements present in Web Apps.

Business Benefits of React for Developing SaaS Products

Business Benefits of React.js for Developing SaaS Products-min React is mainly used for building single-page applications, whereas SaaS is cloud-based software that allows users to have subscription-based access to different applications, products or programs through external servers. Building SaaS applications with React would be a great choice for both developers and for the people who are hiring for these development services. Below are the reasons to opt for React js for SaaS Product Development.
  • Code Reusability: Don’t you think you should write the code from scratch when it comes to creating a new application? But, the Code Reusability feature of React js makes the SaaS application development faster as React js has the feature of code reusability and makes it hassle-free for developers to reuse the existing code. The best part of Reactjs is its components, and Code Reusability is one of them. Or you can call these components small building blocks. These building blocks or components help to develop the application much faster in a short period.
  • Fast Rendering: Fast rendering increases the performance of SaaS applications. When we talk about SaaS applications, it becomes indispensable to handle or carry out multiple functions simultaneously but increases the lag time. To improve performance and save time re-rendering, React JS provides the facility of fast rendering. Virtual DOM, the updated version of Original DOM, made it possible to logically track the components that require re-rendering. Virtual DOM not just helps in re-rendering but also helps in boosting the performance of SaaS applications.
  • SEO Friendliness: Every app or website owner wants more and more will users to engage with their apps or website. React js makes the SaaS application more SEO friendly and helps to engage more users with the app organically. SEO friendliness is one of the most important things for a successful SaaS product.
  • Sharp Transition from Web to Phone: We all know how important smartphones are for us, and the majority of users access websites, applications or most of the things with a mobile device. So the application or software you are going to build must be mobile-friendly. With the React Native feature, it is possible to quickly transform any single page application into a mobile phone application in React JS. In comparison to other frameworks or programming languages, it is more complex and requires a complex knowledge of different syntax. This is one of the reasons that make React JS more powerful than other frameworks.
  • Developer Support: It is essential for any framework to have developer support, and React has great developer support as it is popular across the world.

Popular SaaS Applications Crafted with ReactJS

Popular SaaS Applications Crafted with Reactjs-min Facebook/Meta: Everyone knows the name of a big giant - Facebook. Facebook or Meta is a widely used social networking platform for both web and mobile. But, you know the most powerful and popular framework of JS, i.e., Reactjs is also developed by Facebook, and it is written in JS. The Facebook webpage is also created by integrating the React scripts with the underlying code. Instagram: Another big Social Media App powered by Meta, Instagram, also uses React js libraries to provide the best features and the best user experience to users. Netflix App: Netflix app that renders high-definition videos online without getting lagged uses React JS, and React JS does it smoothly. Dropbox App: Dropbox app is a great example of a SaaS application that uses React JS for reliability and fast rendering of millions of stored photos and videos from worldwide users. Assert IT Solutions is one of the best React JS app development companies in Canada that delivers the best product to its clients in a given time period. If you are looking to hire React JS Developers in Canada, Assert IT Solutions is the best option for you to go with. Give us a call or fill out the inquiry form to get a quote for the requirements.

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