Why Do You Need Chatbots for eCommerce Mobile App


Why Do You Need Chatbots for eCommerce Mobile App

A pair of shoes from Sketchers or Puma or any other brand- which one would go with my look or occasion or whatever reason. Let Chatbots for eCommerce guide you. The abundance of options and confusion makes them drop the cart without final purchase. A loss… Customers are often baffled with what to pick and what not (without proper sales assistance).

Why Do You Need Chatbots for eCommerce Mobile Apps?

Since sales assistance is not possible for an online store, we have chatbots. Whether you want to get your tickets booked or order online food for you online, these bots- scratch that - Chatbots for eCommerce can do it for you.

Chatbots are a plus for Ecommerce Market

Gone is the era when chatbots were used in Sci-fi movies. The immense use cases of Chatbots are diversifying the scenario. From the Facebook Messenger platform to Twitter and other social platforms, these chatbots are guiding users like actual support. And now it’s benefitting e-commerce websites. E-commerce platforms may use Chatbots to upsell and cross-sell relevant products. Chatbots for eCommerce are integrated to engage in follow-up queries, show relevant data, support their transactions or answer frequently asked questions or do all that is needed to sway the buyer to convert. Reports reveal that over 2 billion messages are getting exchanged between Facebook business pages and customers; quite high. More such stats… Ecommerce platforms believe that chatbots have the potential to drive retail sales and that online retailers have a 34% acceptance rate for chatbots by customers.
  • The eCommerce Chatbot industry is projected to be around 112 billion dollars by 2023.
  • 80% of the eCommerce application will have Chatbots by 2022
  • Over 65% of online shoppers prefer text interaction over calling customer support.
When it comes to online purchasing, no one can find a one-size-fits-all approach to impress all the customers. Also, the abundance of channels available make your sales funnel diverse - apps, email, and social media are responsible for 90% of online purchase. Adding chatbots to all these will make it easy for service providers to stimulate the buyer’s journey, and doing it in the right way is equally important with experts involved. Our team continually mines for efficient ways to combat the loopholes in the industry. Having delivered such solutions to tech giants, we have earned a repute of being a one-stop solution for all technological updates, especially in the industry of Mobile app development for iOS, Android or cross-platform apps.

Stimulate Complicated Interactions

Simplifying a broad matrix of intricate communications, these chatbots are capable of handling a larger portion of information transfer. By supporting business technologies and processes automation, it supports customer care to a wider extent. Instant support to clients from the comfort of their home not only exemplifies great customer service but also helps you retain happy and satisfied customers for a long.

How do Chatbots for eCommerce Support Customer Service?

How do Chatbots for eCommerce Support Customer Service? Calling customer care is strenuous- we all agree to it. But then it’s needful at certain times. Chatbots help customers who visit e-commerce platforms to buy things. The functions of chatbots can be classified in three ways.
  • Buyers can get plenty of suggestions on products they have on their list.
  • They can learn the checking out process.
  • They are a great way to gather feedback from customers.
While the information on the working of an app abounds, there is always slight info that users might need. Unlike other regular services, Chatbots are programmed conversation simulators to initiate conversation round the clock. In its infancy, chatbots were meant to support or supplement customer services, but their functioning is not limited to it; companies can use them in too many other ways. Our team excels the process of Chatbot Installation and Integration to ensure that your business goes uninterrupted. At Assert IT Solutions, we have a team of eCommerce web developers and marketers who have delivered a range of such projects with happy and satisfied customers. Visit our portfolio to see more.

Prime Advantages of Using Chatbots for eCommerce

Prime Advantages of Using Chatbots for eCommerce
  1. Improve Personalization Considering the uniqueness of the customers, these chatbots can encourage personalization by collecting visitors’ information it makes customer-centric suggestions and recommendations. These chatbots will allow you to discover consumer inquiries, preferences and requirements and can run client loyalty and affinity programs easily. Ecommerce platforms can send personalized alerts to their clients (alternative or out of stock or delivery confirmation, etc.)
  2. Round the Clock Support Round the clock customer support not only resolves queries but increases the retention rate to almost 100%. Companies offering 24 hours a day, seven days a week are seeing higher customer retention and repetition rate. Instant services assure customer happiness
  3. Reduction of Costs An eCommerce platform receives a handful of queries in a short time thus requiring more and more manpower. Since hiring such capable people in a short time are not possible and will increase management cost, automating customer support operations will save on both. These chatbots are programmed to manage instant replies and can substantially minimize human slip.
  4. Deliver Sought Guidance New visitors or even regular customers may get lost in the maze created by you on your website. It’s often hard to navigate through in search of millions of goods. Moreover, visitors to e-commerce sites can get guidance to get a catalogue and checkout at their convenience using these Chatbots for eCommerce. Later, a simple message can help them resolve their queries.
  5. Reduce CAC CAC or Customer Acquisition Cost reveals the money you spend to attract a customer. The lower the CAC, the better. When Chatbots take over the conversational part, it reduces CAC eventually as it increases customer retention in your online store. Chatbots for e-commerce sites suggest personalized product recommendations to improve the conversion rate by converting website visitors into customers.
  6. Improved Abandoned Cart Rate Most of us add things to the cart and leave them without buying. This we call an abandoned cart. That said, half of the website visitors Abandon the cart as they are not sure about the purchase, just like us. At this juncture, we can push them to buy it for all possible reasons. We can direct them to a blog showing the benefits of the products they are about to buy. This will have an influential impact on them. Strategize a little to make it work.

Things to Keep In Mind While Integrating Chatbots for eCommerce Website

  1. Ensuring High-End Customer Privacy Customers' privacy is a priority and should be dealt with uncompromised. It should never be intruded. While conversing with a chatbot, customers can provide a lot of sensitive information that can be misused. Make sure that these chatbots communicate only when you specifically want them to with the information preserved safely.
  2. Artificial Intelligence Integrated Integrate Artificial Intelligence development into your chatbot to answer client questions in time. But make sure, your chatbots are properly equipped and educated to work. This appropriate integration will let you identify and offer accurate information to your consumers without extracting much of their information.
  3. Instant Response to Customers Delayed responses will chase off your customers; try providing them with real-time customer assistance. Don’t keep them waiting for more than a minute or so. Feed relevant data to the response. Understand their query and answer accordingly, and prompt the client to act in a certain way as a solution to their query.
The personal touch of an eCommerce company can make a visitor a forever customer. Many companies are opting for such relevant and automated services during app development to ensure that the final product is at par with industry standards and what customers need.

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