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Why Optimize Your Website for Bing?


Why Optimize Your Website for Bing?

Whether you are done with marketing on Google and got a top rank or want to shift your marketing focus from Google to Bing, optimizing your site for Bing would be the big next step of your online journey. In this article, we gonna discuss why Bing SEO is important and how you can optimize your website for Bing.
  • 1/3 of voice-assisted searches are made using Bing, a share you can’t underestimate.
  • Though it comes second, but diversifying your marketing channels is important to lead online marketing.
  • Pleasing Google can take time, but pleasing Bing is quite easy as it is newer than Google.
Since most marketers choose Google as their marketing channel, competing on Bing is quite easy. It receives quality traffic and has a low bounce rate as well. Counting on other such benefits, SEO strategies that are used for Google can also be implemented on Bing. Moreover, Bing is transparent and apparent with its ranking factors to approach a true-time-tested approach. What more do you want?

Why is Bing SEO Important?

Bing is the largest web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. No doubt, Google overshadows Bing, but it is soon to come to the race. Underestimating it would raise your ranking troubles shortly. As of 2020, it holds 3.34% of the Search Engine Market in Asia, i.e., 3.34% of 446.27 crores= 14 crores, a huge share you can’t afford to miss. Is it all? Wait. 51% of Yahoo searches are powered by Bing. Put simply, Bing and Yahoo show similar search results, i.e., optimizing for Bing means you are optimized for Yahoo as well. Yahoo caters 0.96% searches, another important share. Low competition and quality, and easy-to-convert traffic make it worth trying. All this makes ranking on Bing worth it.

Bing SEO Techniques to Rank Higher

Ranking on Bing is not much different from that of Google. But as an advantage, Bing is open about its ranking factors. Read Bing SEO Guidelines to get a straight idea on how to rank.

Conduct A Thorough Keyword Research

Unlike Google's semantic keyword search, Bing follows straightforward keyword targeting. Keyword research is an important step as Bing is not going to decipher the latent search meaning, be precise with your keywords to rank high. Start with Bing Search Box Keyword Suggestions to get a handful of keyword suggestions. Tools like SEO PowerSuite's Rank Tracker can help you know where you stand or you can get the performance analysis done by a professional company.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is important to rank on Bing. There are certain aspects, other than that of Google search, to rank on Bing. Let’s dig deeper.
  • Exact Match Domains is the key ranking factor on Bing. Using a domain similar to that of a keyword is more likely to get ranked on the top of SERP.
  • Exact keyword in H1 and H2 title tags, Meta Des. No LSI keywords or contextual keywords, but exact phrases should be placed in Heading 1 and Heading 2 tags and Meta description.
  • Content matters a lot on Bing and as it addresses user queries. It wants a clear mention of the source and author of the content. Also, the formatting of content matters a lot to Bing; make sure your ads are equidistant from the rest of the content. It cares about aesthetics and user experience a lot, works on it as well.
  • Use schema markup on your website and check it using the Bing Markup Validator tool to ensure that it is implemented well.

Click-Through Rate

CTR is an important part of the ranking algorithm as it helps in analyzing user behavior. The lesser the bounce rate and the more the clicks, the better the ranking. Check the CTR of the snippet using Bing Webmaster Tools. Open it using Website Auditor; make a quick content analysis and start with updating your existing Meta tags- title and description to make it user-centered and upload the file to refresh the snippet.

Wrap Up

All this may appear to be difficult as it requires technical expertise, but there are a lot of guides on the internet to start with. Ranking on Bing isn’t that difficult provided that you know what it takes. Besides, there are certain other aspects like backlinks, social signals Indexation & technical SEO that can help you rank high on Bing.

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