Website Redesigning Strategy – The Ultimate Guide 2022

Tired of your obsolete website and willing to redesign its look and feel to make it more lively for your business model? We have got you covered. Our development team connects with you to craft a Website Redesigning Strategy for an enriched web presence.

When to Plan Website Redesign?

  • Since there is no expiration date for a website, you have to decide on whether or not to get it redesigned, and if yes, then, when?
  • Do people drift away from your website from the very first page?
  • Are the designs not reflecting your brand anymore?
  • Have you got enough budgets to allot to design and development?
  • Does it have this many flaws to get it revamped?
These statistics point toward the challenges that come along with bad web design. website redesigning stats

What's Included in Website Redesigning Project?

A big branding initiative or imminent business growth – irrespective of what the reason is, a website overhaul can be a good deal. You can give your website a complete makeover with brand-focused designs for efficient branding. Given the rarity of knowledge and interaction, people often get along with their existing websites without planning its revamp. Reasons to Get a Website Redesigned reasons to get a website redesigned If your site is struggling with any of these issues and planning for a makeover, discuss it with a trusted website designing company in Delhi to get started with working on a website redesigning strategy to get results.

Steps to Follow While Redesigning a Website

Evaluate Current Website

Make your website user friendly and compatible for your users to get sufficient retention and engagement.  Besides, try focusing on it to make a website more efficient and effective. Know what’s wrong with your existing website by evaluating it for a certain matrix.
  • Check if the site’s look and feel are obsolete.
  • Verify the site’s functionality.
  • See if the site is generating enough leads.
  • Look through the existing content- images and text.
  • Justify the appearance of the site for existing goals.
  • Observe whether or not the site is difficult to update.
Run a site audit to know about the flaws that you need to fix. Once done with finding flaws, it’s time to fix them. Plan on giving your website a complete makeover. *Website Refresh* - It’s like getting new furniture in the same room without breaking off the integrity, for instance.

Work on your Website Redesign Goals

Your website is your digital asset that can contribute to growth better than any other platform. Create a Roadmap Based on Website Redesign Goals. Set up goals,
  • Improve the number of visitors and organic traffic
  • Convert more visitors into customers
  • Reduce bounce rate and improve visitor retention
  • Improve navigation and accessibility
  • Keep the pages informative and interconnected
  • Recreate your brand identity
The purpose of a website is to engage the audience and convert them into customers. Redesign your website to make it fulfil all the goals.

Redefine your Brand Message

Your website is an essential business asset. Through the website, you can try to deliver an effective brand message. Chart out the best branding possibilities and how it can benefit you when implemented on your website. In general, people should get the essence of your business after the first encounter with your website. Consider being outspoken about your brand message and make sure it is clearly delivered. Be consistent across the website to deliver the desirable brand message. Assert IT Solutions can help you create a branding strategy for your website. While doing this, focus on creating a new logo, style guide, or color palette. If you are worried about it, we have a team of graphic designers to tackle the visual part in your Website Redesigning Strategy with a professional glance.

Study Your Competition

Who are you competing against? A local business or a global one? Knowing your competition beforehand will allow you to study their approach to recreate your approach more effectively. Gain grounds by studying your competitors and implementing website designing strategies that can make a difference. Also, don’t obsess over your competitors; just compare and get better. We can help you evaluate your competitors' websites to know strengths and weaknesses to implement it in your Website Redesigning Strategy.

Focus on UI and UX

Without content, the website is a blank space that carries no worth. Create content that goes with your brand message and be concise about your services. Put In High-Performing Content and Visuals. Batch-create your content by finding trending topics. Create an easy-to-navigate UI with CTA and content directing users appropriately. It should be flexible and efficient to use to keep user experience a priority. In addition, consider aesthetics along with minimalistic designs. Meanwhile, ensure your web design follows Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Double-Check These Points before Launching a Redesigned Website

Here are some essential things to check before launching a redesigned website, take a look.
  • Make sure the site is fully responsive.
  • Keep a check on the loading speed.
  • Don’t overexert your pages with content
  • Pull off your pages with a visual hierarchy
  • Ensure that UI have necessary elements and good structure
  • Connect it with Google Analytics
  • Keep your 301 Redirect in place
These were some of the steps to follow while redesigning a website. For instance, work on different aspects of the website while framing the Website Redesigning Strategy to integrate it all and pull it off perfectly. Attracts more consumers, overwhelm them with your services and converts them. We know what it takes to redesign a website and what value it holds. Therefore, we cover all this in our Website Redesigning Services to ensure that your website does the trick.

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