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How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting Services in 2022


How to Choose Best WordPress Hosting Services in 2022

Ready to launch your website? But wait, do you know what all you need to build a high-performing website? Apart from functionality and design, the performance of the website is the next big thing that should be valued accordingly. Whenever your site goes down, it sends negative signals to search engines and can disgruntle visitors. The speed and performance of a website depend largely upon the hosting services you choose. Choosing the best WordPress Hosting Services 2022 can take your website performance to the next level.

WordPress is the Leading Website Development Platform

Powering almost 34-35% of the market share, WordPress has its feet in all micro and large-scale sites. Once you purchase your desirable domain, the next thing is hosting. Hosting is responsible for innumerable aspects, including loading speed, SSL certification, customer support and uptime, etc. Reliable and scalable WordPress web hosting services are a must to let a site function smoothly while offering optimal performance.

Factors to keep in mind while weighing up options for WordPress Web Hosting Services

  • Loading Speed – The higher the loading speed, the better the performance and user retention. 
  • Security – To prevent your site from malware and hacking threats, make sure the hosting company is optimized for WordPress and offer regular security checks and backup services. 
  • Scalability – As the business grows, the need for better hosting services increases to allocate increased disk space, processing power and RAM.
  • Customer Support – The site's performance can go down anytime. Make sure you are attended by reliable customer support available 24/7 to keep your site up and running. 
  • Maximum Uptime – Downtime can kill trust and drive off visitors. If not 100%, try achieving at least 99.94 uptime.  

Building a website is not difficult, but upkeeping its optimal performance requires professionalism. 

Your website requires personal space on physical servers. Hosting servers provides you space to store files, images, databases, emails and video content safely. Hosting services offered by your hosting service provider allow you to access the required information anytime, anywhere through the internet and online servers. But before that, you should know about different types of web hosting services. 

Different Types of Web Hosting Services

Every business is unique, and so is the website. From speed and scalability to features and plug-ins, website hosting requirements vary for a number of reasons.

Shared Hosting 

As the name suggests, shared hosting is when your website is hosted on a server shared by hundreds of other websites. The plan is for small-scale businesses, including start-ups, local businesses, and personal sites; shared costing is the major advantage it offers. Sites with low traffic can use shared hosting to get onboard their digital space. Counting on its disadvantage, one of the major drawbacks is sharing space with other sites. The upsurge in the number of websites will eventually affect the user experience on your site. 


  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Scalability with GMB
  • Personalized Email Service
  • 24/7 Live Support 
  • Custom Themes
  • cPanel for Customization 

Offering unlimited flexibility, security, and speed, Shared WordPress hosting with Bluehost has WordPress installed and is ready to shoot with the automatic feature update. Integrated with all essential WordPress features, WordPress hosting is configured to meet the needs of WordPress and render more control to the website owners. 

Virtual Private Server Hosting

It’s the midway between the shared server and dedicated server hosting. Small-scale businesses can initiate with a shared server, but as traffic on site grows and demands more resources, shifting to virtual private server hosting would be the best resort. Presented as a more secure and scalable solution, VPS hosting is an excellent option for full root access and complete control. VPS is a feature-packed hosting to ensure maximum speed, stability, uptime, and additional benefits. 


  • Dedicated 24/7 Live support
  • Instant Data Backups
  • No Resource Sharing required; Dedicated Resources 
  • Unlimited Hardware and SSD Storage
  • Intermediate Pricing 
  • Multi-Server Management

Getting VPS with Bluehost will get you additional features and benefits like domain privacy and protection, site lock, additional storage, etc. 

Dedicated Server Hosting

Peerless security, control, and performance create room for ultimate growth and scalability. Get complete access to dedicated IP and resources, daily data backups, integrated caching, and instant setups. The power, privacy and versatility of a dedicated server allow the business to grow with enough features that are on the top of the line. eCommerce websites or websites that require top-notch protection and performance can switch to dedicated server hosting. 


  • Managed WordPress 
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Databases
  • Dedicated IP Address &Resources 
  • Best speed for High Uptime
  • Improved Memory and Storage 

This unlimited dedicated server hosting package is fully managed by a dedicated support team to manage all your websites, domains and email resources. Add reliability to your online with 99.9% server uptime. Though it’s going to cost a bit more than other hosting types, but the efficiency it offers is worth it. 

Top 5 WordPress Web Hosting Services for 2022


Top 5 WordPress Hosting Services for 2021

Companies are competing with several web hosting plans to entice customers. Every business is different and requires unique hosting plans to mark its online presence and scale-up. Here are the top 5 WordPress web hosting companies offering business-oriented hosting plans. Take a look.

  • HostGator 
  • Bluehost 
  • Hostinger
  • Go Daddy 
  • DreamHost 

Running your WordPress website/blog requires technology-optimized hosting services to ensure quick uptime, highest uptime and maximum engagement. Reliable and cost-effective hosting services are what businesses seek. Prioritize your requirements while choosing the best out of these 5 WordPress hosting services.


HostGator is good for numerous reasons. Although it is not the cheapest one, it holds a good penny-worth for offering 99.99% uptime. Get free domain registration, SSL certificate and site transfers with Host Gator. Unmetered disk space and bandwidth are another important addition to HostGator’s hosting plans. 

Host GatorPlan Prices 

  • Shared Hosting - Starts at $2.75/month
  • Website Builder - Starts at $3.84/month
  • WordPress Hosting - Starts at $5.95/month
  • VPS Hosting- Starts at $19.95/month
  • Dedicated Hosting - Starts at $89.98/month



Performance, security, and control are an integral part of business expansion. Hosting services spin around consistency, flexibility and scalability. Good server speed, reliable uptime, unmetered bandwidth and disk space, free SSL certification, unlimited storage, email accounts, and sub-domains come along with Bluehost services. Bluehost powers over 2 million websites, including WordPress websites, thus establishing itself as a powerful hosting platform. It offers the cheapest WordPress hosting plans that go with the all-sized businesses.

BlueHost Plan Prices 

  • Shared hosting – Ranges from $2.95/month to $12.95/month
  • WordPress hosting – Ranges from $2.95/month to $5.45/month
  • VPS Hosting- Ranges from $18.99/month to $59.99/month
  • Dedicated Hosting - Ranges from $79.99/month to $119.99/month



Backed by tons of website hosting features, Hostinger is a highly preferred hosting platform. Instead of limiting its access to one type of hosting, it offers an extensive range of hosting services that go with your business size and scope. Get feature-rich web hosting to improve performance, speed, reliability and ease. It comes with a free domain, SSL certification, user-friendly control panel, WordPress optimized, high-quality website hosting, etc.

Hostinger Plan Prices 

  • Shared Web Hosting- Single at ₹59/month
  • Cloud Hosting- Startup at ₹799/month
  • VPS Hosting-VPS ₹285/month
  • Email Hosting- ₹69/month


Go Daddy 

Launch, manage and grow with standard and premium GoDaddy plans for all from start-ups to full-fledged businesses. From blazing fast speed to automated updates, Go Daddy allows maximum optimization. Get more power and control by setting up your online business with economical hosting plans. Features: Easy-to-use control panel, 24/7 network security, Resources on-demand, up to 1 GB database storage, 1-click domain name setup. 

Go Daddy Plan Prices 

  • Web Hosting Plans: Economy plans $4.95 /mo - Maximum$20.95 /month
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting: From $7.95 /month to $99.95 /month
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: From $185.95 /month to $571.95 /month



Whether it’s a small startup website or a large scale e-commerce website, Dream Host is the only service provider to guarantee 100% uptime. The basic hosting plan consists of Unmetered Bandwidth, Fast SSD Storage, Free SSL Certificate, WordPress Pre-installed Free Domain, thus making it a valuable pick. 

DreamHost Plan Prices 

  • Shared Website Hosting -Starts at $2.59/month
  • Managed WordPress Hosting - Starts at $12.00/month
  • VPS Hosting- Starts at $10.00/month
  • Dedicated Server Hosting- Starts at $149.00/month
  • Cloud Hosting- Starts at $4.50/month



Run your website and application on reliable servers with the best hosting services. Check features and prices well before finalizing with the service provider. Hosting service providers like BlueHost offer additional benefits and premium optimized features to ensure reliable web hosting services. Start fresh with your domain and hosting service and manage your website for maximum benefits. 

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