Top 10 SEO Tactics to Get High-Quality Traffic to Your Website


Top 10 SEO Tactics to Get High-Quality Traffic to Your Website

Speak about SEO, and you will learn a lot - from those who know all about it and from those who know nothing. The opinions diversify to a great range when it comes to SEO since it’s a blanket term. However, certain fundamentals remain unchanged and are identified by experts. For instance, Keywords are not only to drive high-quality traffic but to understand what the users are struggling with and how it can be tackled. Everyone has a different ranking story, which is fortified with effective techniques. And sticking to them can make a real difference. Here, we have been through all considerable aspects and jotted the top 10 SEO tactics to get high-quality traffic to your website.

Top 10 SEO Tactics to Get High-Quality Traffic to Your Website

Focus on these techniques to drive more organic traffic to your website and perk up your search rankings.

Ubiquitous Page Speed

Ubiquitous Page Speed No matter what location, service or platform, page speed comes over anything else. Page speed measures how fast the content on your page loads. The loading speed affects every other metric you care about. Page speed is apparently a critical factor in SEO as slow pages frustrate users and discourage them to stay and return next time. Incorporate PageSpeed Insights while thinking of SEO Tactics for frame SEO strategy, and it will bring you high-quality traffic. A slow site is unworthy and can take away the visitors.

Use Keywords Vigilantly

Use Keywords Vigilantly Keywords are the strings that connect websites to visitors. They define search intent and scope. We all know that keywords should be added to the content, right? Be that as it may, where to use keywords and how to use them is as important as incorporating them. Make sure the keyword appears at least once in the title tag on your page and in the Webpage URL. Next, it should appear in the first 100 words of your content. Try adding an exact term in those key places to get high-quality traffic that actually has queries related to it.

Pogo-sticking is a Hurdle

Pogo-sticking is a Hurdle Pogo-sticking is more like dodging and jumping from website to website. Pogo-sticking can make or break your ranking. It describes a situation where a Google user clicks to navigate back and forth between pages displayed on search results. Put it simply, when a visitor hops on several different search results to find relevant answers to their search query. It indicates the user’s behaviour clearly as when they click on a page and immediately click the back button; it shows their discontentment with the content. When a user PogoSticks, Google get the idea that “I didn’t like that result.” Now, Google records this to bring the page that relevantly answers the query to the top while downranking others. How to retain them? Use bullets and subheadings to solve their queries in a go. Paragraphs don’t do much, but neatly put content can keep them going to find things relevant for them to bring high-quality traffic from all sources.

Use Google Suggest to Find Keywords

Google Suggest - SEO Tactics Keywords are the cookie base that you have to put to prepare the delightful dish. Google Suggest is full of ideas for writers and SEO. It has all that users search for and can help you create content. Use it to find keywords, especially long-tail keywords to start with. Google's autocomplete can help you with predictive and elastic search to get accurate, targeted advertising ideas. Other than use, you can use tools, like Be aware that every keyword you pick will represent your business and reflect on how important it is for you and your clients. Other search engines like Bing or YouTube or Wikipedia follows the same suggestive algorithm that is used by top SEO Company in Noida.

Replan Zombie Pages

SEO Tactics for Ecommerce Stores - Replan Zombie Pages As the name suggests, these pages are neither alive nor dead, i.e., these pages generate little or no traffic and can’t be accessed on SERPs. Detecting these pages and removing or revamping them helps in giving a shot to these useless pages. These pages affect the entire visibility of the site if not cleared in time. Online businesses are advised to diagnose their websites for these pages regularly to get them fixed.

Study Your Industry

SEO Tactics - Study Your Industry Every industry is different; some of them are mainstream that is known to most people, while others are on-fringe from normal ones. Irrespective of which industry you belong to, you should be well versed with it and vet its pros and cons and its reach. Optimize your content for High-quality Traffic from your industry. These SEO tactics will help you frame your marketing strategy, thus benefiting your business website.

Publish “Skyscraper” Content

Publish Skyscraper Content for High-Quality Traffic Content is still deemed the most important ranking factor as it speaks for its worth on its own. Use Skyscraper content to build backlinks from authority sites and news sites in your industry. Now, while creating content, mention the source and later inform the valuable source via email or Twitter about your addition of the same. If interested, they will consider your piece to have more value to it. Using all potential sources to create content and mention them as well. While making this comprehensive skyscraper post, you can integrate “Why” Posts, “What” posts, Infographics, Videos, and List posts to it. You can also repurpose top-performing content. Try guest posting on high traffic sites will earn you a stream of high-quality traffic. Create connections with authors or websites to scale or approach some professionals from the best SEO services in Noida to get it done.

Add Related Keywords to Your Content

SEO Tactics - Add Related Keywords to Your Content On-page SEO is not only about adding keywords to your content on every page but also incorporating other similar keywords and other SEO tactics. Google sees that you have done it forcibly. To make it appear genuine, add synonyms and keywords that relate to the page naturally. After the Google Hummingbird Updates, Google crawlers go beyond simple keywords and try to understand the topic of your page innately. Try using variants of your main keyword as your SEO Tactics. You can even incorporate results from related searches.

Create Engaging Content For Other Sources

Create Engaging Content For High-Quality Traffic Visual interaction can be of great value via Infographics, Podcasts and Videos; these are remarkably used to get traffic and backlinks. Recreate your blog pages or web pages using website designing services from the expert designer with perfection. But the problem is that Google reads text only and can’t fathom anything else. Did you know websites that publish unique content twice a week retain maximum visitors and get the highest number of leads? Try, and add text content to suggest to search engines what the infographic is all about.

Update Old Pages

Update Old Pages Do you have a bunch of blog posts turned into wasted piles? Recreating old content can win you new high-quality traffic. Like if you are missing alt tags, add one. Or, if you think you can go ahead with similar SEO Tactics, you can link it to the rest of your content in an attractive way. Organize the content into sections to make the content easier to follow. Recreate the title and description and make it engaging using the top 10 SEO tactics to get high-quality traffic to your website.

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