Tips to Hire Blockchain Developers for Projects


Tips to Hire Blockchain Developers for Projects

Think of what it would be like to see through a second-generation revolution of the Internet, wherein not the sellers but the users have the power to regulate the functioning? The staggering intervention of Blockchain has brought disruption in the finance industry. To keep up with this growing technology, the industry needs a continuous supply of potential Blockchain developers who are versed with every aspect of Blockchain technology. However, the fact that the global market is seeing a dearth of professional Blockchain Developers can’t be neglected. Presumably, blockchain developers have to deal with everything, including Blockchain wallets, smart contracts, digital cash systems, ledger transactions, etc. The requirements are manifold, but not all are proficient enough to cater the requirement. Hiring a blockchain developer can be chaotic as there are a lot of factors underneath that should be considered, irrespective of whether you want contracting or onboarding. In this article, we will read you through the hiring of Blockchain technology experts, the steps involved and the difference between hiring experts and freelancers.

Don’t Hire Blockchain Developers in Haste

Remember, Blockchain developers, unlike casual software developers, are difficult to find on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. They need to acquire skills that can help them gain ground on Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. There are certain characteristics of blockchain developers that should be focused on at the time of hiring. Candidates should have a concrete grounding in decentralized technologies, ledgers, cryptography, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, the Ethereum network, consensus methods, web technologies, data security, P2P networks and high-level programming languages to get an edge over others. So make sure they know all about the functioning and future of Blockchain technology.

Easiest Way to Find the Best Blockchain Developers

Blockchain Developers have a set of skillsets to differentiate themselves. These developers remain indulged in doing exceptional activities, whether as freelancers or in companies and hence remain occupied. Approaching them on social media would not serve their purpose, but they are likely to be found on renowned platforms like Stackoverflow, Reddit, GitHub etc. Rare are the chances that these professionals sit idle, and you may find yourself competing with giants for Blockchain Developers of high worth. There are dozens of freelancers available on websites like, or But not all are reliable enough to be approached, so go through individual profiles to see if they have any Blockchain development portfolios. The simplest way is to hire a professional Blockchain development company that has a team of Blockchain developers ready to get hired. These candidates have been through stringent screening and are fit for their jobs.

Determine the Scale and Scope of Your Project

Once your Blockchain app idea is ready, chart out more about its scope and discuss the idea with companies to see what more can be added to the recipe. Interview a few of the service providers to select the best Blockchain Technology Experts. The bigger the scope and scale, the higher the charges and more time-taking will the project become. Hiring a team on hourly basis for such project will cost too much, and it’s advisable that some other engagement model should be picked.

Determine the Objectives of Your Project and the Expected End Result

Besides scope, determine the objectives of your projects and what to expect at the end of them. This will help you streamline the process to get it completed within the dedicated time frame. The demand for these developers is quite high, and pre-evaluation of your objectives will help you decide on the project budget and needs. With everything in the picture, you can stimulate the project in a progressive way also by hiring proficient developers.

Find Skilled Professionals Having Thorough Knowledge

Like any other skilled professional, Blockchain Developers are evolving on every horizon. Their requirements are proliferating in every industry and hence are hard to find. But this does not mean that you should be satisfied with a negligible offering. It’s more like searching for a needle in a haystack, but it's possible. Here are some of the basic things that you should consider while hiring blockchain developers.
  1. Know if developers understand the basic programming concepts, the concept of encryption and security, and data structures or not.
  2. Inquire if they know the basic and important concepts of the blockchain.
  3. Know if he is well-versed with the development tools used to build blockchain-based applications.
  4. Avoid freelancers and look for a professional company to get the hands of skilled professionals in your project.
  5. Don’t let an impressive resume distract you; inspect their skills practically before you hire blockchain developers.
  6. See if you want a full-time candidate or a part-timer while looking for blockchain technology experts.
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