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5 Questions To Ask While Hiring SEO Consultant in Noida


5 Questions To Ask While Hiring SEO Consultant in Noida

Indeed, it’s one of the most difficult tasks to hire the best SEO Consultant out of hundreds of those who are present out there. SEO is important for a website from ranking and performance point of view, and hiring a reliable company is also important to get desirable results. Better ranking leads to increased traffic as it improves visibility. So, invest time in hiring the best SEO consultant to get quality results in time. Here is a list of 5 Questions that you should ask while hiring SEO Consultant in Noida
  1. Ask them to Share their Portfolio  
Their portfolio shows the diversity of projects they handled. It will give you an idea of how they work and what kind of projects they worked on in the past. Their portfolio will define their skills and competence.
  1. What SEO strategies do they use?
There are a range of SEO strategies that can be used to improve your website performance. Ask them about the strategies they will use for your website. Know how these strategies can make a difference. Inquire your SEO consultant that how long will these strategies take to show real-time results. If they carry proposal with them, ask them to elaborate on all technical terms that are used in it for more clear perception.
  1. Do they follow Google Search Central Guidelines?
Abiding by Google search central guidelines is important to maintain ranking. There are certain tricks mentioned in this guide that are prohibited by them, and using these tricks would more likely spam the website sooner or later. So, make sure your SEO Consultant in Noida doesn’t use any of them to get reliable services.
  1. What’s their service area? 
Do they serve globally, or are they local? Both carry individual pros and cons. Local SEO Consultant in Noida would serve you with quality services to ensure a sure success to maintain their record in the local area, while global service providers would follow global rules for assured success. Choose them based on your business exposure. To target a local audience, get your website optimized for “local SEO” and to cover a broader scale, choose global services.
  1. On what position can they take your website?
Depending upon your business and ranking expectation, ask them which ranking position they can take you and when. If they guarantee you first position on the first page, better to leave right away as it is next to impossible. Though the best SEO agency can help you rank on the top page of different search engines. SEO is a long term process; it may take anywhere between 3-6 months to rank and forever to maintain the rank.   Ask your top SEO Consultant in Noida about the payment methods they use for a safe transfer. Make sure they opt for a reliable payment gateway. Not every company delivers what they promise verbally, so get everything they say in writing. Ask your SEO Consultant in Noida for a hard copy of services, payment and taxes to avoid unexpected charges later.

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