Questions to Ask Before Hiring Website Designing Company


Questions to Ask Before Hiring Website Designing Company

All set to hire a web design company? Now that you have got a business plan and want to launch it online, it would be better to hire website development professionals for the same.

An estimated 2 billion websites are performing actively on the web. Standing out from such a far-reaching competition can be overwhelming. It requires your website to be unique, trendy, updated, mobile-friendly and up-to-the-mark with search engine algorithms.

Since website development is an important phase, it should be carefully done keeping the ranking factor in mind. This brings in the need for hiring a reliable Website Designing Company.

Whether you want to get designed an absolutely new website or want your present website redesigned, hiring a local company would help you achieve your far-reaching goals. But before that, choosing a company that is the right fit for your business is a must. Here are some important questions you could ask to facilitate the hiring process.

 1. How do you design a competitive website?

Having an understanding of the industry can help them design your website while keeping competition in mind. This will involve deep research to devise strategy and design, and final development of the website. They will make a thorough analysis of competitive websites to analyze elements, features and strategies used by competitors to get an idea of what to implement and what not. Getting the point? Great, next comes…services.

  2. What services other than web designing do they offer?

Designing a website is not all. After designing comes the marketing phase. Marketing being a lynchpin should not be missed. Inquire the Web Designing Company whether or not they offer marketing services. Don’t presume things; get services & quotes from them in writing. Range of services offered by web designing company includes hosting, web development, copywriting, and digital marketing services (SEO, SMM, and PPC). Make sure you get all these benefits.

 3. Do they have a portfolio?

Nothing can be better than seeing live examples. Ask them if they can help you with their live portfolio and that too in the same industry as that of yours. This would help you analyze their work, assess their style, probe if it is in line with modern trends, see if it’s easy to navigate or not, note the performance of the site. Ask about their conversation, designing and marketing strategies. It will give you a clear idea of their designing diversity.

 4.What platform do they use to build your website?

WordPress. Shopify. Magento. Wix. It sets the foundation of your website, but every platform comes with pros and cons, which makes it suitable for a particular purpose. When it comes to the platform, more than a dozen of options are available. Check them out. Don’t forget to ask the type of CMS they use.

  5. What CMS do they use?

CMS or content management systems make it easy to update content without coding. Integration of CMS will allow you to modify your content on your own even without professional knowledge. Inquire about the CMS they deployed; if it is a custom build system or a third party one. Ask about its functionality, browser it supports and other such factors.

 6. Do they keep you involved or not?

Most of us want to put forward our ideas for our website design. Know if they want to hear from you and work on ideas you proposed or will they custom design in own their own. Will they get it all approved by you, including design and content, before featuring it live or not.

Hosting, downtime, domain, IP address, ongoing maintenance, scalability are some of the other important things you should inquire about.

7. How do they charge?

Some website designing companies offer customized designing packages while others keep it as per the services and features you ask for. Charges for web hosting, domain registration, templates and plug-ins are often excluded from the packages. Ask them for written quotes to escape from an unknown hit on your pocket.

The main purpose of owning a website is to get leads, and we assure you quality leads. At Assert IT Solutions, we are less an individual website designing company and more your marketing partner to help you achieve your online marketing goals.

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