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How to Optimize Pinterest Pins for SEO – A Complete Guide 2021


How to Optimize Pinterest Pins for SEO – A Complete Guide 2021

Pinterest SEO Guide 2021

Technically, Pinterest is America’s Image Sharing and Social Media Platform, but we call it a ‘Discovery Hub’ where users can discover anything and everything - recipes, style inspiration, home decor ideas, DIY hacks, and so on. With over 416 million monthly active visitors and 240 billion posts to date, Pinterest has established itself as the third-largest social network in the U.S. Thousands of posts are pinned every day to make it a perfect platform to get organic traffic for aspiring businesses. As a go-to platform for pinning decor ideas and DIY hacks, it can serve as a potential digital marketing tool. Pinterest is also considered a powerful search engine which makes it capable of luring traffic using the best SEO techniques. Akin to Google, Pinterest pins follow an algorithm that controls the display of content throughout the site. Besides being a photo-sharing site, Pinterest can be used as a product catalog by businesses striving to get organic traffic. Pinterest’s influence helps E-Commerce to get insightful traffic to rack up enough revenue. If you want to expand your web influence and turn visitors into customers, don’t forget to utilize the potential of Pinterest.

Pinterest Pins Optimization

What makes these pins appear whenever a similar keyword is searched? Pinterest SEO Optimization. Google favors Pinterest Pins and shows them on the top of SERPs. And Pinterest influences perception, their choices, their expenditure range and such things of its users. Want to make a move? Do you want to optimize your Pins for discovery? Know how the Pinterest search algorithm works and how to generate revenue by leveraging it. Follow a few of the suggested SEO practices to boost your revenue surely. Pinterest pins inspire us to shop, discover new products, find more information, and see content from brands to make the final choice. It allows you to make room to plan your purchase.

How to Optimize Pinterest Pins for SEO?

Let us start with the first thing first. Pinterest’s search algorithm, basic keywords research and keyword inculcation would serve an important SEO purpose. But some extra efforts would be the icing on the cake.

6 Tips for Effective Search-Friendly Pins

Here we have jotted down six tips for effective search-friendly pins that can drive traffic to your Pinterest account.

Tip 1 for More Followers

Set up an Account 

At first, you need to have a business account to start with. (Skip Tip 1 if you have one). A free account would do enough. Whether you have a personal account or you are totally new to it, you can start by creating it from scratch or you can convert your existing account into a business account. A business account oozes with features that are not available in a regular account. While getting started, you will see 'Pinterest Best Boards' to inspire you.

Set up the Header

Picking a header that defines your business would be great. Pick a board that you like. It will add a visual display to your account and draw the attention of people to make them understand it.

Analyze Pinterest Analytics Regularly

Analyze the performance of your Pinterest pins - check the number of views and the audience who see your pins, what accounts your followers follow, what type of content do they check the most, etc. All this data helps you analyze the performance of your profile on Pinterest to let you strategize reforms.

Pinterest Ads

If you can afford paid marketing, utilize the scope of the Pinterest ads like One-Tap Pins and Promoted Pins to give your pins a boost.

Tip 2 to Earn More Views

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Start by editing the first thing first. Your name and bio are the first few sources of an impression on your customers. It makes your profile look genuine, trustworthy and reliable. Edit your display name, username and about your profile section. While picking the name for your Pinterest account you need to have two names. Name Display name - The name that others see on your Pinterest. Username - The name that is more a unique ID used for your URL. You can tweak your display name to get easily found in search results. How? Simply, by adding keywords that define you, your brand and your business. For instance, if you are into digital marketing and your name is XYZ, you can simply create a profile saying "XYZ. Digital Marketer." That’s all. Bio Any profile without a bio is incomplete. Your Bio shouts out the purpose of your profile aloud. You can make it a bit catchier by adding certain keywords, your personality traits, the call-to-action button, and what your account is all about.

Factors that influence Pinterest SEO

On what factors does Pinterest pick the content? Well, here are some of the factors to discuss.
  1. Pin quality
  2. Pinner quality
  3. Domain quality (as deemed by Pinterest)
  4. Topic relevance
Stemming from the fact that all these factors influence Pinterest SEO to a great extent, we should ensure that we follow it carefully. You may be new to all these terms. Creating high-quality pins increases your opportunities of garnering more traffic. Also, the more consistent you are with the pins, the better results it will reap. To determine pin quality, Pinterest considers factors like total engagement, popularity and freshness of pin. Pinterest monitors your consistency regularly and every instance of your pin. In order to improve pin quality, you can use quality content and attractive graphics that speak and engage. Pinterest gives a damn about your activity status and keeps an eye on it o see how active you are and what quality of content do you produce. All it takes to improve the pinner quality is sharing popular content, active status, more follower’s engagement, increased saves etc. Next comes, topic relevance which can be identified by keywords. The work and value of keywords in Pinterest search is similar to that of what it serves in Google.

Pinterest Serves a Dual Purpose- It’s a Search Engine and Social Media Platform

Let’s bring an end to this confusion that Pinterest is merely a social media platform. The Taste Graph made its debut in 2017 as a Pinterest strategy to enhance targeting. Those who are using it to drive traffic are using the Pinterest Search Engine. Those fresh and diverging ideas that we scroll on Pinterest are a result of Pinterest Taste Graph that forms a network of innumerable fresh ideas. The working algorithm sorts pins based on interest, preferences and tastes. Pinterest has worked on its filters for years to come up with the best performing filters that make it best for business.

Tip 3 to Establish Rapport and Reliability

Optimize Your Website for Pinterest

Wondering how to optimize Pinterest pins for SEO? Start by merging a Pinterest account with your website can have a strong SEO impact on the performance and ranking of both. Optimizing your website for Pinterest users can reap valuable results as users may prefer to pin items from your sites to their boards.

Track Conversion by Adding Pinterest Tag to your Website

Pinterest tags are code chunks that can be put to website pages to analyze what type of Pinterest content brings the most traffic. Once analyzed, the data is accumulated to be sent back to Pinterest account to fabricate an effective strategy using the same. These Pinterest Tags can let you take a peek into what steps your visitors take once they interact with your pins. Brainstorming the statistics can help you analyze the type of content that users prefer, what attracts them to buy your services and gives you a chance to eliminate redundant and outdated content. You can navigate further possibilities and encourage interactivity on your website. Add call to action buttons to the product page to encourage visitors to follow and share your products with others.

Tip 4 to Rank Higher in Search Feed

Find and Use Relevant Keywords

SEO without keywords is a demanding course. Sift through all possible keywords by accessing a free keyword planning tool powered by Google. With this, you can explore keywords having high search volume and low competition. There are various keyword planning tools that can be used for Pinterest. Though this has nothing to do with Pinterest in particular, but the result will be visible as a whole. It will give you a sense of what’s trending and will deliver you some quality traffic. Those who want to stay up to date with Pinterest trends can Google for Google trends. Besides, just like Google, Pinterest operated on an advanced suggestion system that helps you find the right keywords.

Things to focus on while searching keywords

  1. Look for long-tail keywords with high search volume and less competition.
  2. Be more clear with your keywords, like focus on detailed keywords.
  3. Try to strike a balance with keywords to get quality traffic.
  4. Don’t forget to add these keywords in Pin’s description.

Tips 5 for More Traffic and Clicks

Optimize your Boards

Building a strong presence on Pinterest requires an active and strategically developed profile, frequents pins and repins of relevant content, etc.
  • Keywords are the bones in the body of Pinterest. Use keywords in the title and description while creating boards for your profile.
  • Make sure the keywords are searchable, SEO friendly and in correlation to your audience and industry.
  • Next, add a catchy cover photo to the board with a photo description to lure visitors to it.
  • Use relevant hashtags and a variety of adjectives that defines the product.
Optimize Your Boards Apart from keywords, pay attention to the description of the board as well. Try to make a comprehensive, entertaining, and coherent and merge keywords seamlessly to make it sound supporting. Emphasize what you offer and what are your USPs to take the user experience to the whole next level. When you add names, it makes it easy for Pinterest to segregate your pins carefully and content. The names should reflect the underlying purpose to let Pinterest manage it well. Say when you look at CCD Pinterest, you will aesthetically front of the account that is actually elusive and would sway you its charms. These pictures create an appealing aura that makes the account stand out from the crowd. This is how you should optimize pin images and graphics. Pinterest Pins

Tip 6 to Counter Competitors

Optimize Your Pins

Catchy and attractive pins are all you need to create your space in the Pinterest world. However, there are millions like you on the same boat. So, to outdo them you need to push the boundaries and sift through technical opportunities to achieve that extraordinary position.

Counter Your Competitors by using Rich Pins

Rich pins are meant to sync information from the website to Pinterest automatically. Every time you make a change on your website, it will be updated on your Pinterest account within a while. Basically, product, recipe, and article are three types of rich pins. There isn’t enough difference between the three, but when it comes to information sharing, the results are positive.

Next, Consider Aspect Ratio

What image quality or video pixels does it prefer? If you have noticed, Pinterest considers super-long images trivial, and hence they fail to perform well. Videos on Pinterest should be uploaded in vertical dimensions only. A ratio of an image should be 600:900pixels and for video, the ratio should be 1:1, 9:16, 4:5, 2:3 etc.

A Few Bonus Tips

To encourage engagement on your Pinterest profile, follow profiles that resemble your business. Try connecting other social media accounts to Pinterest. Interact with your followers frequently to let them remember you. Know when the users are active, for instance: the evening is the favorite time among scrollers. Keep a check on analytics to see how well your posts are performing. Focus on the metrics to know about clicks and impressions in particular. Utilize all these strategies for Pinterest SEO optimization and get more traffic.

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