Mobile App Development Models Trending in 2021


Mobile App Development Models Trending in 2021

The fastest emerging technology is reshaping the world of mobile app development. With innovation at hand, the Mobile App Development Models are endless, and so is the competition. More and more businesses are diving in the same to thrust their business and sales.

Are You Ideating a Mobile App for Your Online Business?

Keeping current with these trends is a vital part of your mobile application to serve your clients better. You might have noticed that websites that performed well in 2020 are not remembered and even got banned in 2021. This affects business giants drastically. To upkeep with the breakneck speed, forming a mobile app development strategy is of utmost importance. Look for trending Mobile App Development Models to give a vision to your ideas. Here are some trending mobile app development models and strategies that can help you plan a productive and user-centered mobile app in 2021. Scroll more to know what’s ruling the industry.

Trending Mobile App Development Models Trending in 2021-22

Building Apps for Foldables

Foldable phones are raising competition. Supporting mobile apps on foldable devices requires the latest API Integration (API level 29) (Android 10). “Folding and unfolding can change the screen size, density, or ratio. When running on a foldable device, an app can transfer from one screen to another automatically. To provide a great user experience, it is very important that the current task continue seamlessly after the transition. The app should resume in the same state and location, and the app continuity feature is launched for the same. It also provides maximum compatibility to run in multi-window mode with dynamic resizing options. Updates like new screen ratios, multi-resume, multi-display, and multi-windows are launched to support mobile applications. Display feature for Flip, Flap and Half Opened. Hinge Angle for hinge-based screen configurations.

AR/VR is Turning Revolutionary 

“Pokemon Go” had taken the world by storm, remember? Apart from high-quality gaming applications, AR/VR will shout out desirable experiences for day-to-day activities.  Some of the revolutionary apps are: Just a Line, Google Lens, Google Maps, Quiver, SketchAR, YouCam Makeup, Google Translate, IKEA Place etc.

It’s the Era of AI-powered Mobile Applications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over at a recorded pace and is turning the world of the internet dramatically with the human-machine interaction phase. When we talk about AI, Alexa and Siri come to mind first, but the horizon of AI has widened enough. Apps like FaceApp, Cortana, Robin, Wysa, Youper, ELSA, Google Allo, Replika, Fyle, Meitu, etc. are the coolest examples of AI-powered mobile applications. Endless features can be implemented in mobile applications for better results. Some of them are: Face recognition, image recognition, speech recognition, text and image classification, cognitive computing, machine learning, automatic analysis and other such AI features are making the apps smarter. Incorporate these features into your app to stay ahead of time and competition. Not all mobile application development companies are capable of embedding these features. So, confirm once before hiring to give your business a distinctive edge.

5G Technology Embedded Mobile Devices

Devices that support 5G technology are driving the craze. 5G connections are expected to triple by 2022 as compared to 2020 and 2021. This next-gen technology is being adopted by all. Be it Apple, Samsung, One Plus or other such companies, each one is trying to establish its heels. The fifth generation of mobile technologies is meant to contribute to the quick pace and required connectivity to increase the momentum of businesses. Compared to 4G, 5G will drive network efficiency while boosting the functionality to 10 times. 5G and IoT go hand in hand to simplify day-to-day tasks, both residential and commercial. 5G will affect the entire ecosystem to bring in operational efficiency even in the least achievable tasks.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the Next Big Wave

Technology has penetrated and embedded in our everyday lives really well. It has come far from converting a normal TV into a smart TV using mobile apps. The Healthcare industry, household appliances and automobiles are controlled and monitored using technology at a fast pace. IoT will contribute to hyper-automation with the increase of sensor-based technologies like:
  • Smart homes
  • Self-driving cars
  • IoT in healthcare
  • Activity Trackers
  • AR Glasses
  • Voice Assistants (Siri and Alexa)
  • Smart Contact Lenses
The more opportunities, the higher the challenge; it’s concerned with data security, computing performance, the power consumption etc. Ask your professional Mobile Application Development Company to get an idea of how it works. With IoT, possibilities are endless and can embrace innovation only if handled by a capable team. Lack of IoT means your app will lag in the future.

Applications Compatible with Wearable Devices will Pervade

Wearable devices are uplifting at a substantial rate. Mobile apps are featured with functionality that can upgrade almost every industry, including fashion, hobbies, sport, fitness, and healthcare. Integrating apps with technology that supports wearable devices would put the industry a decade ahead of time. These devices can be anything from wristbands, watches, trackers, etc. It can help in enhancing the range of services. The WatchOS Update by Apple says that Apple Watch Apps will have its own App store and that Watch Apps will no longer require a companion iOS app.

On-Demand Mobile Apps

No matter what industry, what business and what scope; mobile app technology has endless opportunities for all, from business owners to mobile app resellers. Fitness, maintenance, healthcare, supermarkets, food, travel, cleaning, beauty, pet care, and every possible industry can go ahead to get a highly customized on-demand app. Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit, Instacart, etc. are a few to name. Although these apps are highly personalized, the features may be different for different apps. App development costs vary greatly in this scenario as it depends on a number of factors, including the complexity of design, app platforms, features to be integrated, and technologies to be used, etc.

Quick Wrap Up

The widening landscape of mobile application development opens up the scope of more and more innovative opportunities. Foldable devices like IoT, 5G, AR/VR, wearable devices, etc. are some of the technologies that are about to reign in the world. Neglecting any of these could drift you in reverse. At Assert IT Solutions, our team holds a fine grasp on technological acumen that can help you create an unparalleled mobile application with high-end functionality. We are up-to-date with modern technologies and can merge the best features and updates to let you achieve your futuristic goals.

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