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Logo Design Trends That Fit Your Brand in 2023


Logo Design Trends That Fit Your Brand in 2023

Do you recognize ‘checkmark’ and ‘M’, i.e., the logos picked by ‘NIKE’ and ‘McDonalds’ respectively? What makes you relate that ‘swoosh logo’ with NIKE? Well, it is its LOGO, the graphical representation of the brand. A logo speaks a lot about how a brand evolves and implementing the latest logo design trends in 2023 would strengthen it over time. Coining logos much after the inception of the brand helps it develop and strengthen its relationship with customers. The logo represents the strength, versatility, simplicity, and originality of the brand and empowers it with its graphical orientation.

Iconic brands like Google, Apple, etc. chose their logo deliberately after having a deep understanding of their brand principle and are not just fabricated after G for Google and Apple, the fruit.

For Instance: Google’s multicolor logo represents the ideas behind being a fun company. Apple, on the other hand, represents knowledge or the falling fruit that helped Newton discover gravity. The bite represents the scale and that it’s an apple and not a cherry! Professional website designing company in Noida masters the art of logo designing as well and it’s their job to design corresponding logos.

Lately, in 2022, a lot of brands got their logo modified. BMW, GoDaddy, Cadbury, Nissan, INTEL, Tripadvisor, Rolls-Royce, etc. are on the list.

Logo Design Trends to Soar in 2023

A picture is worth a thousand words and so is an image. It fosters a connection between you and your audience.

Minimalistic Designs Speak Tons

The logo embodies your brand. Corporate logo designs should be in harmony with simplicity and easily recognizable. These logo designs should withstand the test of time, i.e., logos should be eternal and people should be able to identify them even if minor changes are made. It should be versatile enough to allow easy modification without affecting the overall appearance. Get in touch with a graphic designing company in Noida to get a bunch of ideas with minimalistic designs.

Black and White Will Go with New Normal 

Similar to Trip Adviser and Intel, which preferred a black and white logo over its previous multicolored logo, the trend of Black and White will stay in 2023. The reason could be that it’s quite difficult to reproduce such logos on different mediums due to limited color options. Try creating a go without colors as colors can run out of fashion, but B/W is eternal.

Geometrical Inclination

Geometrical designs are hackneyed and evergreen. Microsoft (Square), IBM, Unilever, Vodafone (Circle), Adidas (Triangle), Chanel, etc. are a few of the brands that preferred geometrical alignment for their brand representation.

Avoid Superfluous Detailing 

Whether it’s in font or color choice, avoid the extravagance of elements that are used to define your brand. Fancy fonts may appear attractive initially, but these wants can hinder readability, the primary purpose of logo designing.

The more you add versatility to your logo, the better it will look. Some website design companies in Gurgaon offer graphic and logo designing services as well. Getting the logo designed by the same company would help you get a symmetrical logo that goes well with your brand.

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