IT Staff Augmentation Tips You Should Know Before Hiring

At times, you are in sudden need of a helping hand to deliver the short dead-lined projects, whether it is an IT company, a Web Development or Website Designing Company or any other financial or legal firm. What would you do? Here comes the role of staff augmentation.

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a process of hiring skilled staff, such as web developers or app developers, trained to fill in the gaps of excellence. They are conditioned to deliver projects by deadlines while providing quality output, thus giving a cutting edge to your project goals. You need to know some basics to suffice your IT staff augmentation requirements. Reading on, you will find some of the most genuine and important IT staff augmentation tips, benefits and limitations of IT Staff Augmentation.

Tips You Should Know Before Hiring

Tips You Should Know Before Hiring
  • Background Check: Background checks can be tricky. Knowing your staff beforehand can help you create a better work strategy to get a desirable output.
  • Useful or Not: Being a flexible approach, staff augmentation can help you draw probable benefits. Integrating additional team not only makes it easy but saves time and effort that can be applied to accomplish other tasks.
  • Know Your Requirements: Every industry is different, and so are its requirements. You must know what your requirements for the said position are. Should you need a developer, a technician or an assistant, you must be completely aware of it.
  • Ask Them Yourself: To realize the candidate's potential, ask him about what he would be able to contribute to the project. Ask him what he knows about the company and the role mentioned.
  • Do a Reference Check: Do not fall for the very first applicant. Do a good relative comparison test between all the applicants and choose which best serves the role.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation IT staff augmentation can help your business in numerous ways. Not only does the newly recruited staff lend a helping hand to the existing team but also helps in achieving IT Service within the time limit. Besides all this, they will perform at their best to maintain their demand and hype in the staff augmentation market. Listed below are some benefits of IT staff augmentation:
  • Increased Productivity: Among the various benefits of IT staff augmentation, the one that stands at the forefront is productivity. With suitable recruitment, your team can perform with enhanced zeal and high speed.
  • Smart Choice: If you do not have the funds to accommodate a permanent in-house candidate, hiring an expert through staff augmentation is a boon.
  • Stick to the Drowning: When you have an urgent need for extra developers to meet a tight deadline, staff augmentation is usually the path of least resistance. The best part is, you only have to do the hiring. The company providing augmentation candidates does all the cost management and talent training.
  • Increased Customer Base and Access to More Talented Individuals: Once you hire the required staff, you can use their potential to the fullest. And thus, your potential corporate networks can mingle too. You can reach them in case you need experts for future projects and increase your customer base.
  • Enables Better Control and Offers an Innovative Outlook: Compared to outsourcing, the augmented staff is a part of the project team and is assigned tasks as per their expertise. Also, staff augmentation offers a better standpoint on the current work structure by allowing supervision for better planning.

Limitations of IT Staff Augmentation: Why Not Always the Solution?

Limitations of IT Staff Augmentation: You cannot rely on staff augmentation as a primary method to solve your problems. More so, it develops into a headache when operated as a permanent back-up model. As a long-term solution, it serves none of the advantages of other long-term external tracing mock-ups and can generate several stern jeopardies and potentially abolish worth. Following are the things you should handle first.
  • Time Lags: The new staff takes time to understand how the existing team works. Besides, it takes time for the team members to work together complementing each other. Thus, the augmentation process slows things down, especially when we are short on time.
  • Incorporation and Training: You still ought to train your augmented staff to follow your company’s internal processes and follow the company’s set of courses. This is time-consuming at the moment when you do not have much. Also, you would be required to assign an assistant to the new recruit to guide and teach him. This removes an asset from the working team and converts it into a mere guide rather than a working professional.
  • Management CapabilityMore staff means more people to manage. Though this is manageable with little training and guidance, you’ll still need to have the capacity to manage extra staff. It again complements the points discussed above.
Summing Up With ever-changing and modifying technological advancements in today's world, it becomes difficult for Tech and Software development businesses and IT companies to stay competitive and updated. It is essential to match the skill set of your staff with the rapidly changing required skills in the market. Scaling your team internally to meet any urgent skill requirements can be both expensive and risky. You cannot change your staff every now and then, and here is where IT staff augmentation proves its worth.

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