Is Dark Mode a new Trend in Web Design

Dark is a new light. Every user now is seen with dark mode enabled in all the multimedia devices they use. But, why did users switch to a dark mode? Dark mode web design has become one of the most famous trends in web designing. What is the actual reason behind this new trend in web designing? Let us understand what dark mode means and how it gradually became a necessity while using screens.

What is a Dark Mode in Web Design?

If you were born a decade ago, the first time you must have seen a dark mode would be on ms-dos logo software while you were trying to move the turtle through your commands or you must have seen on any coder's screen, right? So, ignoring all the rumors on who came up with the dark mode, let us see why it started and gradually became a trend. Coders are made to work on their screens for hours/days, and staring right into a screen for hours can be very eye-straining; it is not safe for your eyes. They use a dark mode web design to avoid their eyes strain and, for the same reason, the dark mode has become significantly a part added while web designing. The dark theme helps you to expand your work hours without stressing your eyes. Different developers have come up with diverse shades of dark themes that may vary because of mixing different shades. If you would have closely observed all the elements placed on the dark theme, you would realize that the white font looks a little bolder and glowy than the black text on the white theme.  Other than looking more impactful and stylish dark mode helps you use your screen for a longer period than while you work on the light theme. 


An announcement at Lunabee Studio which took place in 2019 held a grab of everyone's attention in 2019 was the introduction of Dark Theme on Android during the I/O and right after that on iOS during the WWDC (called the Dark Mode in Cupertino).   Apple made a statement about Dark Mode stating, “Dramatic new look that helps you focus on your work,’’ as well as a “distraction-free environment that’s easy on the eyes - in every way." While Google said, Dark Theme can “reduce power usage by a significant amount”; “improve visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light” and, “make it easier for anyone to use a device in a low-light environment.” Even when nobody knew a term like dark mode might exist; dark UI was still seen in some sites, luxury brands to give the audience an elite feel in an eye-safe environment to make their audience stay longer scrolling through their site without stressing their eyes.

Has the SEO being affected by the arrival of a dark mode?

After Google proclaimed its dark theme feature, approximately everyone using the browser shifted to the dark theme for a better eye comfort environment and a stylish look for their screens. In current times dark viewing tone for websites has earned a lot of following from audiences globally. The followership is so strong that Google right now offers you the ‘Night Eye’ feature. Here, you can apply dark mode on any website as long as you’re using Google Chrome as your browser. But, the impact on SEO due to Dark mode web design is a null topic to talk about, because other than rumors it has no effect on SEO or target audience reach. Although adding the dark mode for your web designing is a smart choice to make. The thing you need to consider in the here and now is your website’s bounce rate. Although, having a dark mode site grabs your audience's attention at first look. 

Dark mode or no dark mode? That is the question

Is shifting to Dark Mode Web Design better?

To choose and to not choose dark mode marks valid points on both ends while it will still stay at a score higher because of its eye-friendly ambient. So, let's take look at some points which might help you make a better choice while choosing through themes for your screen.
  • It is a more elite and trendy theme to work on.
  • It helps the user with eye problems to still work on screens and not damage their eyes.
  •  Lesser the screen is giving out energy, the higher the battery percentage will stays. Switching on the dark mode helps you preserve your battery more.
The dark mode is the new charm for the screens. With exploration dramatically shifting towards mobile devices, you need to contemplate how mobile-friendly your website is. Dark Mode is a popular expanding environment that makes it more hospitable for people to read website content in darker rooms – so it’s something to think enabling.

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