How to Manage Instant Search Ranking Drop


How to Manage Instant Search Ranking Drop

Ouch!!! The search rank drop is nothing less than an online heart failure. It kills your website productivity. With the latest core update release, search ranking has seen drop dead fluctuations. Be it a small business or a large eCommerce website, every web page has suffered if it fails to stick to the update. Your website ranking has dropped!!! And how to get it back is a challenge. Be ready to run a minor diagnosis to evaluate the loss and get it fixed. While contemplating the reasons behind the ranking drop, you will find a whole lot - an algorithm update, technical faults, content issues, Google penalty, competitors gaining rank, etc. To fix it, the opportunities are vast too; but it’s important to fix the right one to get back the lost rank.

Analyze the Reasons for Decline

Analyze the Reasons for Decline Before your plan to improve your ranking, track your rank regularly to see the unexpected increases and decreases. Google come up with 3000+ algorithm updates every year, i.e., 8 algorithm changes per day. Knowing the changes helps in abiding by them; you either accept the search ranking decline or keep a track of your ranking. Here you can use any of these available tools to check your keyword ranking. Ahref, SEMrush, Google Search Console, Screaming Frog, Small SEO tools, and MOZ are some to count, and the list is ongoing. Check out our blog that explains the working of each of the tools. Know your ranking for keywords to identify the decline. If you want to avoid this much hard work, the Google Search Console will be of great help. Select the property to see how the drop affected your site- One page, a few pages or the entire site. Click on the Performance report and click Pages to find the dip. Use can select the dates you want to see the customized results. Get the data and start comparing. Now, that you have identified the loss, here are the steps to help you recover the loss.

How to Improve Search Ranking After a Casual Drop?

How to Improve Search Ranking After a Casual Drop? Whilst the ranking drops can take away your power to reach out to the targeted audience, you can implement effective strategies to gain it back. Here is the list of strategies that you can implement to do up your ranking. First, create a list of queries that have seen a rank drop. Make it comprehensive by creating an excel sheet.
  • Define the Search Query
  • Create Query Clusters
  • Put in the Old and the Latest Ranking
  • Mention Ranking Difference
  • State the URL
  • Content-type on the Page
  • The Page is Indexable or not
  • And Final Comments
  • Jotting down all this will help you understand the pattern of the fall so as to let you create an effective strategy to get over it. Here is your Go-To Template to mention it all.
If you have created good quality content, check out its performances - Google Analytics>Behavior > Site Content > Content Drilldown.

Justify the Recent Website Changes

Ranking drops are often accompanied by major changes. If you have made some changes to the website recently, this could be the possible reason behind the ranking drop. When you migrate a bunch of pages or create the website design or work on the content part, ranking fluctuations will be noticed soon afterwards. This happens naturally, but once your ranking dial down, it cannot be clocked up again. Inquire if anyone within your team has made any high-impact changes lately, or ask your digital marketing, website development, or project management team for the same. If your ranking goes down, check out the technical issues - all recent changes in content- as these changes can affect the website ranking drastically.

Technical Changes

Check if any edits to HTTP status codes, canonical URLs, Meta robots tag, robots.txt, hreflang are made. Make sure that search engines are crawling and indexing your website. Changes in Internal link structure can affect the SEO performance of your pages.

Content Changes

As far as changes in content are concerned, you should pay attention to the title, meta description, heading and body content.

Sort Out Technical Issues

Any difficulty faced by Google in crawling or indexing your website or web page will affect the ranking adversely.
  • Manual Search Engine Penalty
  • Google Algorithm Update
  • Competitors Outrank You on Google
  • Lost Backlinks
  • Site Changes
  • User Behavior Changes
  • SEM Traffic Cannibalization
  • Mobile-First Indexing
  • SERP Changes
  • Crawl Anomalies
  • Blocking Google Bots
  • Increased Load Time

Google Algorithm Update

The most probable reason behind ranking downfall is Google algorithm updates that change thousands of times in a year. Some updates are barely noticeable, while others can lead it all dramatically to make or break your business. When you continuously keep a check on your ranking, you will get to know the coincidence between the search ranking drops and Google updates. This often happens suddenly and is beyond recovery. But, if you have a social media optimization team to keep a check or back up your ranking failures, you can always get the lost rank back. Some big updates like Panda and Penguin may take weeks to reflect the ranking changes as Google is entitled to calculate and process an immense amount of data sets time and again.

Building Spammy Links

Spammy Backlinks don’t really contribute to ranking surge, nor do they affect it negatively until malicious. Spammy links from low authority sites can have a negative impact on your SEO performance. These links are toxic and negative and have the potential to dethrone the top rankers. Unscrupulous competitors often use such tactics to rank you down.
  • Website hacking
  • Removing your quality backlinks
  • Building spammy backlinks to your domain
Identifying such links helps you filter these offensive links to maintain your ranking. Try updating your backlink profile and remove these malicious links. Use tools to identify these links or reach out to a professional SEO Company to get it done. Create and submit a ‘disavow’ file to Google Search Console to tell Google to ignore those links.


There can be a gamut of reasons behind search ranking decline that can’t be observed or identified by a non-technical person. Reach out to companies offering SEO Services in Noida to get such ranking issues resolved to improve your business prospects. Once the reason is identified, appropriate measures can be taken to get over it and bring your business back to the top of the search engine rank page. Need help? Contact our SEO experts.

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