How to Install Google Analytics to Your WordPress Website

Setting up Google Analytics is mandatory for your website. And many WordPress users struggle with connecting and installing Google Analytics to their WordPress site. Google Analytics provides a detailed analysis of your website for free. It reports your website’s real-time, audience, acquisition, behaviour, conversions, etc. Google Analytics helps you know how the audience interacts with your website. The purpose of your website is to drive sales and traffic, tracking their journey on your website helps you streamline the funnel for maximum retention and conversion. Tracking their trajectory would inform you about traffic stats, content that users interact with; points that keep them hooked on WordPress websites, etc.

Do you want to install Google Analytics to WordPress?

Here is how to install Google Analytics to the WordPress website step-by-step. There are multiple ways you can add Google Analytics to a WordPress site. These are some easy-to-implement and simple techniques that can be taken up. Look up data across platforms by creating your account.
  1. Create an Analytics Account.
  2. Click on this link google.com/analytics.
  3. Click on Get Started Today
If you already have a Google Analytics account, Sign in and Set up Analytics on your website or app.

Here're the 2 Easiest Ways to Install Google Analytics to WordPress Website

1. Using a GA Google Analytics Plugin – Easiest

Get access to all the data by simply installing a Google Analytics plugin on your WordPress website. This Plugin, unlike other Plugins, is created especially to track Google Analytics for the website. Using a GA Google Analytics Plugin How to Install the Plugin?
  1. Click on the link to get the Plugin.
  2. Upload the Plugin to your blog and Activate
  3. Configure the setting as per your need.
View the source code of your web pages to ensure that the GA tracking code is included. Enable GA Tracking on your site by following these steps:
  1. Visit the “Plugin Settings”
  2. Add your Google Analytics Tracking ID in its settings (Mandatory)
  3. Pick Universal Analytics/Global Site Tag
  4. Save changes when done
To get the tracking ID, click on the admin in the sidebar, Select Tracking Info, and click on Tracking Code (starts with UA) It will take 24-48 hours to collect your stats; wait for the time being. Check your analytics after the suggested time. If you don’t find this plug-in easy to use, there are various other plug-ins available.

2. Manually Connect Google Analytics and WordPress with Code- Standard

Manually Connect Google Analytics and WordPress with Code- Standard Here is the second and more practical way to do it. Add the Google Analytics tracking code via your functions.php file directly to your WordPress theme. It can be done manually, but make sure you used a child theme to not to overwrite the tracking code. Besides, you can back up the data before doing so. Set up the child theme and add Google Analytics Tracking Code before the closing </head> tag in your header.php file and
  • Access the “tracking info” after selecting the main account
  • Select the property from the drop-down
  • Click on the tracking code
  • Copy the script from Google Site Tag in the Website Tracking section
Now adding it to the website is pretty simple. Go to your WordPress site, and click on the Appearance followed by Theme Editor. Click on the name of your parent theme in the file list.
  • Selected header.php.
  • Paste the Google Analytics Tracking Code just before the </head> tag in the Editor.
  • Click on the Update File button.
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code is now actively added to WordPress.

Use Google Analytics to Optimize Your Website

Now that you can access all the stats, you can simply analyze and optimize your website for the best performance.
  • Focus on improving technical aspects
  • Identify traffic sources and use them to get organic traffic
  • Rethink your content strategy knowing what your users mostly interact with.
  • If you are running campaigns, you can simply track the marketing campaigns to get valuable insight
  • Takedown what affects your website in a productive and destructive way.
In a nutshell, these analytics will help you fix all the issues in your website to get growing. At Assert IT Solutions, we know that technicalities may affect your website/app presence, and for this, we offer the best website development and Search engine optimization services to help our clients from all across the world. Owing to our long list of clients and projects, we have managed to earn a reputation as the best SEO Company in Noida with due expertise in this website development and optimization. We do proper On-page SEO and Activities to optimize your website and take you to where you belong. Need help? Reach out to us and get all your queries resolved.

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