How to Fix an Underperforming Website using Digital Marketing Strategy


How to Fix an Underperforming Website using Digital Marketing Strategy

Your first point of contact with your potential customers- your website acts as a game-changer for your online business. It reveals all about your online reputation, it acts as a shopping window, and informative content hub for whosoever visits you. As a crucial component of your promotional efforts, the appearance of your website can make a big difference and should be featured well. Web designing variables, including search engine optimization, graphics, content, layout, and conversion rate optimization, etc. make a significant contribution to your marketing strategy. An underperforming website can mar your online business goals and shouldn’t be underestimated at any cost. Approach Digital Marketing Company in Delhi to know how a poor performing website can impede marketing. A number of reasons can be responsible for an underperforming website; let’s have a look.
  1. Site Speed: How quickly does your site load? Does it take more than 4 seconds?
  2. Responsiveness: Is your site responsive on mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes.
  3. Navigation: Is it easy to navigate from one page or section to others or not?
  4. Conversion rate: A site with a low conversion rate is good for nothing, so check if the site is rewarding conversions from leads or not.
  5. Competition: The outraging competition needs sharp and high-quality features. Make thorough competitive analyses to see if your site is overperforming or underperforming your competitors’ site.
  6. Branding: How well does your website reflect your brand? Is your logo or domain name recognizable?
  7. SEO: On which position your site ranks on search engines? Does it fluctuate, if yes, how often? Does SEO help your site retain top position?
Individually, these aspects don’t play a key role, but collectively they can affect your website’s performance, its visibility, and eventually your brand identity. Look for the best Website Development Company in Delhi to get an idea of other such variables. Now, coming on to how a website affects marketing strategy. When you market your brand online, your website acts as the center of branding and marketing and is managed by Best Digital Marketing Company Noida. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), User Experience (UX), and Brand Identity, and Analytics and Monitoring are all interlinked, which help your website perform well on search engines. Its performance on SERPs determines the amount of traffic it brings, thus reshaping your marketing strategies.

A Healthy Website Can Act As Lead Generating Machine 

Optimizing your website for users through these channels can be a traffic boosting approach. Search Engine Optimization and PPC help your website appear on the top of search results while social media encourages engagement and conversion, and may drive traffic to the website. As soon as visitors reach your websites, his attention gets dragged towards the layout, information provided, services he is looking for and other similar aspects. The visitor tries to get his queries resolved by navigating your website. In any of the above-stated cases, the website is the epicenter for traffic looking for a similar service as that of yours and should be featured accordingly.

Wrap Up

Planning to build your marketing strategy from scratch to redefine your business objectives? Let’s craft it for you. The digital marketing and web development team at Assert IT Solutions works hand in hand to let your website outperform your competitors. Having helped so many businesses, we have established ourselves as a reliable Digital Marketing Company in Delhi.

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