How to Dominate SERPs with SEO

Post-BERT and MUM, search results domination has become highly competitive, and most of us are new to it. Let’s dig deep to understand some highly relevant strategies to dominate SERPs with SEO. From backlinking to keyword-focused and topic-focused approaches, you can implement it all to max out your reach and conversation. Google keeps updating how its crawlers use content to answer queries.   Must Read: Google BERT vs Google MUM  

SEO Techniques to Dominate SERPs

Google has made several changes to the way its crawlers understand how content answers queries.

Visibility Breeds Sales - Get Visibility through Back Linking

This requires no clarification as visibility brings sales, but visibility doesn’t come overnight, especially when you are on a shoestring budget. Either way you slice it - on time or budget, visibility is a must to pull off a brand at its initial stage. For this, you can use backlinks to get visibility. However, you can also buy links, but it's better to get them organically to boost organic traffic and search engine ranking. If not linked, you can go for unlinked mentions in emails, websites and other online publications to encourage brand recognition. The more often your customers come across a brand, the sooner they will start recognizing it. So, work on it, and soon you will start to dominate SERPs with SEO.

Social Media Marketing Is Undeniably Next-Gen Marketing

Often underrated, social media marketing can reap long-term benefits. Social media will empower your brand by raising brand awareness. Savvy marketers believe that focusing on one channel at a time can be great to attract traffic. Surely, but result-oriented omnichannel marketing can take your marketing journey to unseen paths; don’t hesitate to try it. Don’t limit yourself to coveted platforms only; new platforms like Pinterest are accelerating at a great pace. Twitter may appear to be calm and unresponsive, but the buzz it can create sees no bounds. Twitter can give your brand massive reach and brand exposure, so work on expediting your followers. Take a break from mainstream marketing methods and choose the least trodden paths to discover the newest. You can approach professional digital marketers to build your social media marketing strategies, dominate SERPs and increase ROI. Remember building fake followers isn’t going to work in the long term; it’s a fiasco, steer clear of it.

Host Webinars to Attract

Introduce your brand through free webinars. It will expand your reach for wider coverage of your target audience. Webinars can be a purposeful addition to your marketing strategy and can bring traffic to your site from all walks of life and develop a brand reputation for you. These webinars are business-oriented and can bring more business opportunities to collaborate with more intellectual people. No doubt, webinars need brainstorming and ask for novel thoughts and ideas; jot down the points, elaborate on them and write down a script for your upcoming webinar. But before that, underline important points like your target audience, demographics, and similar factors. Keep your webinars open for two-way communication; this will build rapport with your clients. Respond to comments and queries presented by users to encourage interaction. Be clear and intelligible and keep the quality of content high to make it comprehensible for all to attract more and more traffic.

Investing Time in Blogging

Want people to know you? Be a bit creative, gregarious and informative. Let them discover you by your name; let them acknowledge your brand. All of this can happen through blogging. Not only will the audience but also search engines start recognizing you once you start blogging. Blogging is not about creating a blog; it’s about articulating it in a way that it becomes relatable for readers. Be clear with your niche and topic. Know your audience; do proper research on what’s in trend by using tools like Google Trends, and use tools like Grammarly to ensure that you are grammatically at par with international writing standards. Check out other blogs from similar niches and see what’s already shared to get off the ground and create your content. Also, comment on blogs to gain recognition in a competitive market. Scope out professional content writers to get high-quality content for blogs and dominate SERPs with SEO. Expatiate your services through your blog but in a non-promotional way to not get your content spammed. Add high-resolution images and GIFs to your content to encourage engagement.

Focusing on Keyword Research

The topic is the intense pursuit of keyword research. Demarcating keywords at an earlier stage helps you to play around like a professional. Since keywords are key to content creation, they are even more dependent on the niche your site belongs to. Keywords can help you create relevant topics that may have related terms and queries to target buyers at a different level of the funnel. Precise use of keywords with the right keyword density will let you dominate SERPs with SEO.

Referral Programs for Existing Customers

Whether they are first-time visitors or constant customers, maintaining transparency and measurability is the main concern for all to encourage customer retention. Earn a loyal fan base to promote word of mouth marketing. It will bring you organic real-time traffic. A professional SEO agency is well-versed with such practices and can help you reap rewards instantly. Rewards your pre-existing customers and incentivize them to tell others about your products or services; this will eventually boost your ROI after a certain period. Referral marketing can produce long term benefits by authentically building customers’ brand loyalty and leveraging the recommendations of happy customers. Ask your customers for reviews, ratings and comments for organic feedback.

Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Wondering what impact all this may have on your target audience? Organic traffic, increased engagement, and potential leads are the lynchpin of these marketing strategies, and these marketing strategies will get you all that you expect.
  • Don’t expect results in a day or two; it’s an ongoing process that may take time, but the results will surely pull off after constant strategic planning and implementation of trending strategies.
  • Do a bit of offline marketing too, by utilizing channels like Bill Boards, TV Commercials, Radio, etc., for additional results. They are still effective in driving traffic.


Search engine result pages ranking at the top abide by all the guidelines introduced by search engines. Dominate SERPs with SEO using all the above-listed tips and techniques and stay on top.

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