What is Guest Posting? How Profitable is Guest Posting for SEO?

Want to get started with guest posting to earn traffic but don’t know where to start from? How to write a guest post? How to get the guest post approved by high authority sites? You might have got your mind stuck on all these questions. While guest posting has traditionally held sway to traffic and increased site authority, it is used for other important purposes as well that you are going to discover in this post. Let’s jump right into what it is and how it can benefit your online presence. Learn how to start and scale through guest blogging in 2021. The more powerful the backlinks, the better the result they will produce.

What is Guest Posting? 

It’s pretty simple; guest posting is posting or publishing your content on other websites, be it an article or a blog. This leads to referral traffic, i.e., traffic to your website, along with increased brand recognition. You can leverage guest posting to impress search engines as we all know Google loves backlinks. During guest posting, a writer writes as a guest author or contributor and submits his write-up to publishers, who publish the content if it meets the guidelines.

What makes Guest Posting Exciting?

Let’s take it this way. Consider yourself as an absolutely new speaker who wants to appear in webinars. But you have no audience of your own. Why would people let you speak? Why would they listen to you? How do you get people to notice you? The answer is by speaking as a guest on famous webinars. While speaking, you build your crowd and impress them. This gets you two purposes:
  • It allows you to get noticed in front of an already established audience.
  • It connects your name to a space that is visited by people more often.
Blogging is analogous to this Guest blogging on a blog that has thousands of followers will bring you enough exposure and traffic that you can attract to your own blog as well. Also, people want to see unique and untraded paths that they haven’t seen before. Give them the opportunity, and they will link back to you.

What do you expect from Guest Posting?

We have given you a slight hint of what guest posting is. Now, determining your expectations from it will help you toss out the right kind of guest posts. Here is what people do guest blogging for:
  • Getting exposure or traffic to the website.
  • Building backlinks to the site.
  • Building brand authority and establish its repute.
To get all three of them, you need to post rich content of the right kind and build an attractive link portfolio. Considering the fact that it’s hard, accomplishing one or two of them would let you engage with a wider audience, thus serving the basic SEO purpose. Jot down blogs with strong root domain authority, skim through their guidelines and start creating your blogs pivoting the same. It’s an SEO marketing tactic that works for both publishers and writers. Align your marketing goals with a straightforward guest blogging strategy to make the most out of them. Your guest posting purpose may help you choose the right strategy. For example, if you want increased traffic, target sites that receive high traffic rather than those that receive less traffic, but if are intended to establish industry authority, small and industry-oriented blogs will do.

Find Guest Posting Opportunities

If you are new to it, let's see how you can master guest posting. When it comes to finding guest posting opportunities, you can explore it all. Start by finding guest posting sites that belong to your niche or industry. Apparently, it should meet the below-mentioned points.
  1. The content on the site should represent a particular niche or industry.
  2. The audience that it has should have the interest to read about your industry.
  3. Bring you sorted and targeted traffic.
  4. The blog should cherish an extensive and diverse readership with a responsive audience who comment or share posts often.
  5. Don’t disregard your efforts by burying your link in a microscopic author bio box.
  6. The one who has a significant social media following.
For instance, if you are selling chocolates, find a blog that has an audience, who loves to hear about chocolates and stuff. This will help you get a more refined audience.

A 3-step guest posting process:

  1. Find a list of sites that accepts guest post to relish a better guest posting experience.
  2. Prepare to Pitch a Guest Blogging Post
  3. Know about the categories, popular topics and brainstorm ideas that ideas may be interested in and Create guest posts that can win readers for you.
Strong link profile? Check. Same niche? Double Check. Significant social following? Check. It’s time to go ahead and share your blog post. Don’t just bump into the email box of the perspective blog owner upon finding guest blogging opportunities. Learn how to pitch or propose a guest post to get started.

Google Search Strings

Looking for niche-relevant guest posting opportunities? It’s a cinch with hundreds of search strings. Some of the effective strings are: keyword “submit a guest post” keyword “guest post” keyword “guest post by” keyword “accepting guest posts” keyword “guest post guidelines” keyword “write for us” intitle: guest post guidelines intitle: guest blog guidelines Google Blog Search Searching for these keywords will take you to the blog’s guest post guidelines and submission page. Check these guidelines before final submission.

Guest Posting Benefits

Increase Brand Recognition 

That’s what you see when you get started with your brand. Get more people to know about you and your brand and turn to it if they find it worthy. More Brand Recognition= More Brand Worth 

Improve Social Media Visibility

With guest postings on highly authoritative sites, you empower your social media as well. It allows people to encounter and interact with your brand on social media platforms.

Show What You Offer

Until you show what you have, you can’t attract people to it. Start by showing how your expertise, products and services can solve problems.

SEO Booster

Get high-authority backlinks to improve your off-page SEO strategy results. With your audience wandering all over the internet, Guest Blogging for SEO helps you to bring them to your website.

More Referral Traffic

Guest postings can bring you a whole lot of targeted traffic, leads and build industry authority.

Wrap up

Guest blogging is the ultimate way to get more traffic, a refined audience, and better brand visibility. People often find it difficult to craft blogs and post on other sites, but it’s pretty simple and sorted. If you still have any queries, write to us.

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