How Mobile Apps Can Attract New Customers


How Mobile Apps Can Attract New Customers

Customers are everywhere; you just have to reach them and offer your services. Since reaching out to them in person is quite outdated, getting a website or an app can be your possible resort. But why a mobile app?

Before that let's dive into some numbers.

The recent explosion in the number of mobile apps downloads and users emphasize its need in the digital market. 70% of modern businesses have plans to connect with their audience through a mobile app. Surely, mobile devices are ubiquitous and have garnered a market of 99% of users, but next to it lies the future, wherein trends are shifting to smartphones, wearable devices, IoT devices. Convincing?

Is an e-Commerce Business Incomplete without Mobile App?

Is an e-Commerce Business Incomplete without Mobile App-min Beyond delivering goods and services to their customers, medium to big e-commerce businesses are trying to strengthen their customer bonding. Based on their exposure, they can simply get enough boost on their ROI, do brand promotions, build a customer base, and yes, we have Amazon, Flipkart, Blinkit, Nykka, and other brands to validate the scalability. Though there are constricts that make you doubt your online efficiency, but having a mobile app is likely to bring you the right recognition and exposure to uplift your business. As a part of your business strategy, your mobile app should be well-thought-of to achieve the expected outcome. For this, you can Hire Mobile App Developers who are proficient in delivering best-in-class apps for maximum download. Ecommerce business needs to be sorted and accessible, and this is the reason most eCommerce platforms have a mobile app and are spending a good deal of their budgets on marketing. Since it’s not the mobile app that gets maximum downloads but its functionality, performance and usability for users. Based on reliance, relevance, attributes and factors, users choose to download or not to download an app and keep it on their phones as well. As per a survey, out of millions of apps, users keep up to 50-70 apps on their phones at a time. So high is the rejection rate and only the best apps outdo others.

Advantages of Mobile Apps for Businesses

Advantages of Mobile Apps for Businesses-min It's a magnet, right? Can we call a mobile app a magnet that keeps visitors hooked? How long do you spend on an eCommerce mobile app or a normal conversational mobile app? Probably 3 hours a day. Pretty much to not undervalue it. More reasons? We have a list here. Mobile applications are your constant advertising partner. Whenever it encounters your audience, it reminds them of your brand, and they relate with it anytime. As a manifestation of business or services, your mobile app can be a chartbuster for your success.

More Customer Satisfaction

Being able to deliver a quality service or product is primarily important. With your app facility, you allow your customers to go worry-free. They can simply order what they want from their comfort, track it and return it if not at par. Services Simply Sorted. Isn’t’? With umpteen options, they can pick the best of what they need and can make informed purchase decisions rather than forced ones. Mobile apps give them a personalized experience.

Improved Brand Identity

What makes you a brand? Your customers, right? The inclusive marketing strategy will help you target the right audience and let them offer the value they deserve. The more fascination they will have with your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you. Make deliberate branding efforts to achieve the best for your brand experience. Use all media and advertising options to connect with your customers, get to know their feedback to make relevant improvements. A brand that expands from word of mouth performs the best; try building your brand reputation this way by offering quality services.

Direct Customer Feedback

Becoming a customer-centric business will get you success for sure. Something that can improve your customer services and satisfaction is your availability and response to their career. Converting a lead to a customer takes patience, stand-out point and a good response speed. Deliver them value, and they will bring value to you; work on the interface of your app, keep the track of what they rummage around for, and help them out with instant assistance. Since other channels are not as convenient as the mobile app, having a go-to app would add reliability to your brand, and it gives customers a point of contact to complain or appreciate.

Build a Niche Market

You don’t have to search for clients, instead they will. Get a niche market of the audience who download your application and search for related services on their own. It enhances the conversation rate and will bring you close to your audience. It meets the demand of speed that most websites may lack and drives the retention rate. Apart from giving your relevant feedback, it improves the workflow and contributes to generating high ROI.

Improve Customer Engagement Level

With an app, you can run loyalty programs that are easy to join. Irrespective of what your ideas behind these loyalty programs is, whether instant rewards, product recommendations, or social sharing, it always increase brand loyalty and revenue generation. Such programs help you engage customers and build lifetime value to let you work on other important metrics for better Return on Investment (ROI). Segmented targeting is a sureshot to get the highest engagement. Add some cool mobile features to your app like Push notifications: to keep your visitors updated, Effective CTAs for high click-through rate, instant response time, etc.

Building the Best Features for Your Mobile Apps

Building the Best Features for Your Mobile Apps-min To put it simply, we know how challenging it is to compete among millions of apps and thousands of competitors' same niche apps. Presenting an app with features that are entertaining, engaging and relevant at the same time would encourage your customer goals. Since we are into mobile app development for years now, we know what app belongs to what category and what features and functionality it should have to do good for the audience. While prepping for your app, we take care of all the metrics that can certify the success of your app. We verify its performance on various parameters age, gender, device type, etc., to increase downloads and retention rates and decrease uninstalls. We have developers who are versed with every nook and cranny of website development and can develop apps that are iOs and Android Compatible, highly responsive and user-friendly. No matter what technology assistance you require, we are here to cut down on overall stress and get it in your range. At Assert IT Solutions, we have developed thousands of apps for clients from different industries and verticals. Every app idea that we convert into a real-time app is backed by solid preferences, top-notch technology and great customer support to always keep you up.

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