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Our team of Next.js developers leads in modern web development, delivering innovative solutions that drive success. Utilizing Next.js, a powerful React framework, we build fast, user-friendly, and scalable web applications. Next.js excels with features like server-side rendering (SSR) and static generation, ensuring optimal performance and SEO-friendly content delivery. SSR guarantees quick page loads and easy indexing by search engines, while static generation pre-renders pages for even faster performance and reduced server load. With dynamic imports for efficient code splitting and built-in API routes for streamlined backend functionality, Next.js allows us to create high-performing web applications. Our expertise ensures we deliver scalable and adaptable solutions that exceed client expectations, pushing the boundaries of modern web development.

Experience Excellence with Next Js

Next.js development encompasses the full web application creation process, from UI/UX design to server-side logic and client-side interactivity. Our developers excel at creating seamless web solutions, integrating with various systems, and developing new features. We prioritize meticulous design, leveraging Next.js’s server-side rendering for optimal performance and SEO, and using dynamic imports for efficient client-side interactivity. Rigorous testing is integral to our process, ensuring robust and reliable applications by identifying and resolving technical issues promptly. Our collaborative approach fosters strong teamwork and communication across all stages of development, ensuring that project goals are met and client expectations are exceeded. 

Empower Your Web Projects with Next Js

We are a group of passionate developers with deep expertise in Next.js, dedicated to delivering exceptional web applications. Our services leverage the latest web technologies to ensure your applications run smoothly and efficiently. Our comprehensive development cycle covers everything from concept to launch. We begin by understanding your vision and requirements, followed by creating intuitive UI/UX designs for seamless user experiences. Using Next.js, we build fast, scalable, and feature-rich applications, incorporating server-side rendering for performance and SEO, as well as dynamic imports for optimal client-side interactions.

Real-Time and Robust Applications

When it comes to developing a feature-packed and highly functional application, we put ourselves at the threshold of innovation and offer budget-friendly Angular.js development solutions.

While materializing your business ideas, we craft rich single-page applications, having responsive UI designs and feature-rich cross-platform applications.

Partner with us to develop trendy feature-rich responsive Angular.js web and mobile applications.

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Having a dedicated team of Next JS Developers is an on-add to get the complex projects completed in time. Stay ahead of technology by hiring the best Next JS Developers. 
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Our Next Js Developer Services

Our Next Js development services work across multiple platforms to deliver dynamic web apps or pages and attain robust user experience. Collaborate with best team of Next Js developers in India to meet expected results.

Next js Web Development

As a team, we work to pay attention to engineer interactive web pages and responsive applications. Our dedicated team of AngularJS developers works on MVC architecture to get an overview before working on a whole.

Custom Next js Application Solutions

We design dynamic web pages/applications using the AngularJS framework to enhance the interactive user interface. We produce maintainable UI extensions by using custom UI in AngularJS.

Server-Side Rendering (SSR) Solutions

We excel in API, PlugIns, and AJAX Development can help you with instant solutions. Our professional developers can help you explore realistic and interactive solutions

Static Site Generation (SSG) Services

Your ideas for owning a single page application using Angular.js can be accomplished. Our dedicated AngularJS developers are highly qualified to deliver potential solutions.

Web UI/UX Design

Tech Stack, cloud services, current architecture, and integrations, whatever your requirements are, we can help you meet them all. Our professional testers, analysts, and the support team can help you fix all issues you’re the website.

Web Backend Engineering

Want to showcase avatars or edit text on any page? Yes, Angular.Js can be used. We optimize and program complex web apps by leveraging Angular.Js for high-performing client-side executions.

Web App and System Integration

We design custom yet interactive mobile applications that are highly approachable and are given with the best UI for client satisfaction. Our developers use the best tool stacks to bring fast and seamless user experiences.

Web DevOps

Render the best UI/UX to your website to ensure customer retention and improve user experience. We have a team trained to work in accordance with UI/UX. Ready for a consultation?

Cloud Services for Web Platforms

Require a team to get your project accomplished at the earliest? Our outsourcing services will help you hire the best Hire Angular JS Developers all around the world.

Next JS Technology Stack and Framework

Our Next.js development services leverage a sophisticated technology stack that includes the latest programming languages and frameworks. We
constantly update our skills and tools to tackle emerging challenges and meet diverse business needs, regardless of industry type or company
size. Our team specializes in integrating state-of-the-art platforms and APIs, ensuring your web applications are not only cutting-edge
but also future-proof. By choosing our services, you position your business to stay ahead of both time and competition.

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Kendo UI
Angular Universal

Our Industry

Banking Finance
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Why To Hire Next JS Developers From Assert IT Solutions?

Code Splitting & Generation

Generating and integrating code into a mainline code base to continuously enhance features to make it market and generation ready.

Highly Creative & Focused Team

We are blessed to have a talented team of qualified software engineers working for clients 24/7. We offer tailor-made solutions keeping our clients' requirements at the centre to come up with the most effective web application solutions.

DevOps Enablement

To keep it working efficiently, we promote collaboration and communication to bring out the best IT solutions faster along with high-quality deliverables

Mobile Responsive

We create lightweight mobile responsive web applications using the JavaScript MVC framework. The applications we design support third-party API integrations and are highly manageable.

Fixed, Dedicated and Hourly Hiring

We are all set to fit your different business models. Select one of our hiring models and get your work done in the destined time by expert Angular.js Developers in Canada.

Services for All

Enterprise, startups and entrepreneurs – we got you all covered in case you need professional Angular.Js developers to get your project done

Cost to Hire Top Industry Next JS Developers

Hire Next JS developer in the UK to get tailor-made solutions befitting your needs. The cost of hiring expert Next JS developers depends upon the scale of your website operations, the complexities involved, and the team size.

Full-Time Hiring

  • Dedicated Team that You Choose
  • Multiple Communication Modes – Skype, Email, Phone, Zoom
  • Convenient Monthly Billing
  • Extended Working Hours- 8hours/day for 5days/week

Part-Time Hiring

  • Part-time Hiring for Part-Work
  • Use Skype, Zoom, Email, and Phone to Connect
  • Convenient Monthly Billing
  • Working Hours – 4hours/day for 5days/week

Hourly Hiring

  • Hourly Attention to Your Work
  • Working Hours – 5days/week
  • Use Skype, Email, Zoom, Phone for Instant Communication
  • Convenient Billing Monthly

Contractual Hiring

  • Contracts That You Prefer
  • Working Hours- 8hours/day, 5days/week
  • Use Communication Modes Skype, Email, Phone, Zoom
  • Convenient Billing Monthly

Benefits of Hiring Next JS Developers

Professional Next Js Coders

No Hidden Charges

Customized applications

100% Quality Assurance

Cost-Effective Next Js Solution

Direct Communication

Timely Deliverables & High security

Assured Flexibility

Guaranteed Next Js Project Transparency

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