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Dedicated Development Team

Maximize the potential of your in-house team by leveraging it with Dedicated Development Team.

Upgrade your efficiency by opting a dedicated team model for IT Outsourcing. Integrating a well-formed team in your IT department would streamline your business process for the enhanced outcome.

Hiring new candidates for particular technology or framework or even for a project may be a bit steep, whereas hiring these experts at the outset saves plenty on operating costs to make them worthwhile later. These experts bang up-to-date with what’s happening in the digital landscape and keep up with the industry current and are adroit at using all the latest technologies.

With our 10 years of experience, Assert IT Solutions managed to provide teams to 1000+ businesses functioning in diverse industries. The teams we select undergo a rigorous selection process, which helps us pick best-in-class IT professionals. Owing to their vast industry experience and understanding of their job, they can speed up the task for value-based results.

Maximize the potential of your in-house team by leveraging it with Dedicated Development Team-min

Advantage of Hiring Dedicated Development Team

• Access to Talented and Experienced Team

Having an accountable team to perform uphill tasks is half the work done. At Assert IT Solutions, you can reach out to 500+ in-house Software Developers, UI/UX designers, Quality Analysts, Graphic designers, Content Writers, SEO Experts, Digital Markets, Project Managers, Sales Team, Business Development Executives, etc.

• Full Control over Project and Team

You are freed from the burden of team management but will have sufficient control over the workflow, project delivery, and teamwork through definite project management, communication process, and progress tracking tools.

• Easy process administration

From assigning a team to proceeding with the employment contract and payroll management, we’ll administer it. Rest assured. We provide your 100% transparency throughout.

• Quick Set-Up and Launch

We are backed by all the resources and can adapt your existing communication model for smooth interaction. We are equipped with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to give your project a jump-start.

• Reduced Expensive and Minimized Risk

Hiring a dedicated team is a cost-effective solution for all your IT needs. These experts are moderately priced. No unexpected or hidden expenses, no delayed project, and no time waste.

• Customer Focused Work Culture

We have cultivated a work culture that promotes growth. The team is self-motivated and trained to accomplish their job within the destined time without external support.

Pick Your Team- Work with Top Industry Experts

Software Developers

• Web Apps, Mobile Apps, CMS, Ecommerce, Website developers, JavaScript, Full-Stack Developers, DevOps

Digital Marketers

• SEO Specialists, Content Marketing Consultants, PPC Experts, SMM Experts, Performance Marketing Specialists.

Designing Team

•UI/UX Designers, Web And Mobile Designers, Graphic Designers

QA Experts

• Web UI & Functional QA Experts, Quality Assurance

EngineersBusiness Analysis Team

• Dedicated Business Analysts, Strategic Planners, Process designers

Management Team

• Dedicated Project Management Teams, Strategic Planners, Process Designers

Why Opt Assert IT Solutions for Dedicated Development Team?

When you choose us as your software development and IT consulting partner, you choose quality, flexibility, and agility. Irrespective of what scope or size of team you need, we will assist you with all. We have been helping our clients for more than 10 years with on-budget and on-time project deliveries.

Why Opt Assert IT Solutions for Dedicated Development Team-min
Get a dedicated team to assist you throughout.
Give us a call on +91-9667835545.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services can I outsource to Assert IT Solutions?

As an outsourcing services company, we back up all our clients with a highly dedicated development team that can help them grow and nurture. Our most commonly outsourced services include:

  • IT Infrastructure.
  • Technical support/help desk
  • Web development/hosting
  • Application/software development
  • Application support or management Database development/management

What are the benefits of approaching a Dedicated Development Team?

Approaching a dedicated development team can help you bring creative minds to the jobs. The team holds years of experience working on a variety of projects and has diverse experience. To deal with complex long-term projects, an outsourcing team will help you unveil your project’s potential with qualified professionals. These IT professionals are shrewd and have domain and technology-specific knowledge to deal with technical issues. The entire team is allocated to work with the client towards their special goals. A dedicated team is highly scalable and flexible as per the business model and its future prospects and maintains a lower cost.

Are your outsourcing services cost-effective?

Having a qualified and experienced team to accomplish all sorts of technical and non-technical tasks improves the process and productivity.

As far as the cost-effectiveness of outsourcing is concerned, the team can improve your work rate by 20% and so their actual worth increases by 20% for every completed task. Besides adding a strong team to your existing team, you get extra hands and minds to add creativity and innovation to the work. IT outsourcing also prevents the need of hiring employees and thus saving your budget.

The team comes at highly competitive prices as per your requirements which makes our outsourcing IT support services a feasible solution.

Will I lose control of my work if I outsource?

Not at all. As your outsourcing service provider, we will find the most competent teams for you to choose the best ones out. From the quality control process to high-end management, the outsourcing team will do their best to keep your goals in mind. Now, while working, they will report to you timely about the achievements and project progress rate to keep you up-to-date with it. Our outsourcing solutions are highly flexible to scale up according to your business model.

How do you manage to implement a successful outsourcing process?

We are a professional outsourced IT service provider with years of experience and are versed with every intricacy that a company may face.

  • Examine your requirements to determine what to outsource
  • Think of the possible qualifications you want
  • Tell them about their roles and responsibilities
  • Make the deal to get the best of services
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