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Google Mum Update

Google MUM Update – Difference between MUM and BERT

Google is becoming more pragmatic for users and is constantly updating to improve user experience. New algorithms and updates are rolled out regularly, and this time it’s Google MUM update. Remember BERT? MUM is similar to BERT and aims at overcoming language and format barriers for an intuitive and inclusive search. That said, whenever Google […]
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How Search Engines Use Machine Learning and Its Impact on SEO

How Search Engines Use Machine Learning and Its Impact on SEO

Are you flurried to know how SERPs are arranged and what’s responsible for ataxic ranking on SERP? Let’s see the impact of Machine Learning in the working of search engines. People who are into digital marketing know the role of SEO really well. How: Do search algorithms work? Search engine crawl and index websites? user […]
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What makes Reddit & Quora a Great Platform for SEO & Content Marketing

What makes Reddit & Quora a Great Platform for SEO & Content Marketing?

Often called the powerhouse of marketing, Reddit & Quora are the best platforms to get backlinks to your site. With so much to do, both Quora & Reddit allow us to experiment with our marketing strategies to bring traffic to the website, raise brand awareness and authority, and provide extensive link-building opportunities to cover a […]
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Pinterest SEO in 2021: A Complete SEO Guide to Boost Website Traffic

How to Optimize Pinterest Pins for SEO – A Complete Guide 2021

Pinterest SEO Guide 2021 Technically, Pinterest is America’s Image Sharing and Social Media Platform, but we call it a ‘Discovery Hub’ where users can discover anything and everything – recipes, style inspiration, home decor ideas, DIY hacks, and so on. With over 416 million monthly active visitors and 240 billion posts to date, Pinterest has […]
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Feature Snippet vs Rich Snippet vs Rich Answers vs Knowledge Graph

Difference Between Featured Snippet, Rich Snippet, Rich Answers, and Knowledge Graph

Google is getting more user-centered to display accurate Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) and has introduced SERP features. However, SERP features like the Knowledge Graph, Rich Answers, Rich Snippet, Featured Snippet, and PPC Ads are affecting organic search results as people are getting answers to their queries instantly. A number of buzz words are thrown […]
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Image SEO

Google Guidelines to Image SEO | How to Make Images Rank on SERP

Whether websites or blogs, you would have noticed relatable images everywhere. Images are information conveyed visually that enhances the understandability of content if prepared well. Self-explicable images appeal to visitors to visit the source, i.e., website, thus improving web traffic. On-page SEO strategy remains incomplete without image optimization (Image SEO) as images boost content visibility […]
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YouTube SEO 2021

A Complete Guide to YouTube SEO 2021

YouTube reveals that over a billion hours of video are consumed by visitors every day, and over 2 billion people get logged in to YouTube every month. SEO-optimized YouTube Content has seen a major spike in the last few months. One of the second largest search engines, YouTube, occupies a great share in video marketing. […]
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