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Offering Reliable Tyre Service Online

What We Designed– Multiple Websites, Logo, Website, Mobile app, Social Media Content
What We Did
TYREWAALE wanted an E-commerce website that eases buying of tyres at user’s convenience. Since it’s a highly profitable segment, our client wanted to ensure that their website outdoes their previous records. They wanted us to focus on their social media presence as well. They held it all to improve their brand identity.

We researched multi-dimensional ideas to counter their business needs and their customer goals. We came up with wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to proceed and coordinated with all the teams involved. Sensing the urgency, we completed their website within a few weeks. Improved their filter section after knowing their niche buyers and competitors. Faster checkouts, better filtration, and flexible service availability, etc. were a paragon of their perfect website.

Results and Growth Metrics

The Challenge

To find top position in automobile industry online, specially tyres.

The Problem

To replace an unproductive website with a new and powerful one to make it easy for buyers to place their orders online.

Our Approach

Since they wanted to recreate their brand image, we scoped out everything from graphics to layout and functionality with utter precision to set up and automated ecommerce website.

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