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What We Designed: Branding, Ads, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Logo Design, and Graphic Design.

What We Did: The House of Oraz, a bamboo fabric manufacturer, approached us for a comprehensive online makeover. We provided a suite of services, including branding, SEO, ads, social media marketing, content creation, and logo and graphic design. We designed a user-friendly website with SEO optimization, ran targeted ad campaigns for increased traffic and conversions, and created engaging content for their online reputation.

We also crafted a distinctive logo and eye-catching graphics for a stronger brand identity. All of this was delivered within the agreed time and budget, ensuring their satisfaction.

Results and Growth Metrics

The Challenge

To create a powerful digital identity in the bamboo textile industry and reach more clients.

The Problem

To create innovative designs required for branding purposes.

Our Approach

They desired to build a lively brand image, so we diligently designed and developed everything from logo to layout and functionality to establish and launch an appealing and user-friendly e-commerce website.

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