Can Email Marketing Strategies Reduce Complexity of SEO

It's no secret that social media marketing and email marketing are not closely knit. But when clubbed together, both the practices can turn into a power punch for your marketing ensemble. Email marketing is all about building close relationships with customers and SEO is about nurturing those relationships by building online credibility. Emails are a marketing asset that strengthens your marketing strategy by speaking to your customers directly to personalize their experience and boost ROI eventually. While figuring out the email marketing strategy, you can always relate to the SEO perspective to get it prospered alongside. To top it all, leads and conversions are the holy grail behind both of the marketing channels.

How does Email Marketing Boost SEO Ranking?

Planning to invest in email marketing for SEO? The reasons are galore. Some efficient reasons behind merging the two most efficient marketing channels are enlisted below. Let’s dive deep into the benefits of email marketing to boost conversion rate and ranking. Often considered outdated, email marketing is one of the best strategies to implement for businesses to boost their ROI. Appreciated for high customer engagement rate, email marketing can generate technical advantages for businesses as well. Deemed as powerful, HubSpot alludes to Email marketing as the potential conversion rate maximization strategy that businesses should adopt. And says that over 70% of businesses are already using email marketing to get more leads and interact with their clients. As far as search engine ranking boost is concerned, search engines consider a lot of factors while ranking a website on Google. One such is Pogo-sticking which helps Google analyze the quality and relevance of the content to lead websites to the best possible ranking.

Email Can Help Drive Traffic To The Website

Email Can Help Drive Traffic To The Website Traffic is the main concern when it comes to ranking. Email content has the potential to drive qualified visitors to the website, thus increasing the engagement rate. Sharing valuable content including blogs, offers, and new launching over Email would build you a strong network and let people know about your brand. Apparently, it not only improves your social share but will also generate backlinks to improve your SEO ranking. Promoting SEO-optimized targeted content can contribute to your Off-Page SEO factors, and doing it over email can elevate the bandwidth of your email marketing campaigns. All of this leads to letter engagement and signals to Google about the quality of the site.

Create Personalized Email Content

Whether you are prepping newsletters for email or sanding them personalized offer-related emails, serving valuable content and relevant promotions straight to their inboxes can always increase your website traffic or conversion rate to 54%. For instance, while preparing newsletters, you should be intending to connect with more customers. Besides, Newsletters increase the credibility and authority of your website and are low risk. These newsletters entail high rewards and boost your content marketing strategy. You can surely create customizable newsletters to enhance the engagement rate.

Targeting Segmented Customer Base

Through emails, you can connect with highly interested user segments. Basically, delineating your customer segment can be a grind if you are unaware of your target audience. Don’t go with batch and blast. Classify your audience based on various factors
  • Geographic Location
  • Skill Level
  • Survey or Quiz Results
  • Past Purchases
  • Email Engagement Level
  • Opt-In Frequency
  • Website Behavior
  • Price of items purchased
  • Type of product they purchased
  • Buyer Satisfaction Level

Place Email Marketing Content on Website

Hyper-targeted campaigns use extremely useful content. If your email content talks about the newly launched bike by an XYZ company, but your website has nothing related to that, you users that are drifted to your website after seeing the email content, are most likely to leave the website. Thus, increasing the bounce rate. To prevent this, you have to craft effective email marketing strategies that work.

Differentiate Content-Type on Purpose

  1. Service Content
  2. Marketing Content
  3. Credibility Content

Add Social Links in the Email

Adding links to your social media platforms enhances the credibility of your online presence. Social media is more or less likely to boost your brand awareness, to bring more traffic to your website. Besides, getting your content in front of the targeted audience, encourage your subscribers to interact with you, and once you build credibility, your subscribers will eventually share your content on their social media channels to bring proven results.
  • Increased brand mentions.
  • Valuable partnerships.
  • More link opportunities.
What does SEO strategy have to do with it? Social media shares are valued as direct ranking factors even by Google. Increased social visibility can boost your engagement. Afterwards, utilizing social media platforms to engage people can earn you organic traffic. Try distributing your content across all social media platforms for wider reach. This can get you more inbound links for increased search engine ranking for apparent reasons.

Automatic Email Journey for Traffic

Create your retargeting and retention strategy and adhere to conversational tactics to make your buying journey smooth. Moreover, automating your email journey can help you generate organic traffic manually with minimum efforts to encourage maximum retention.

5% customer retention = 75% of profitability

For every new subscriber that joins, you share an automated list of blog posts to increase engagement. Besides, the more the engagement rate, the higher the ranking. See how marketing automation can help you multiply your traffic, exposure, retention and ranking. To everyone’s surprise, more than 4 billion users check their emails every day. This potentially is the best way to maximize engagement.
  • Drive your visitors to the conversion funnel.
  • Bifurcate them based on their stage.
  • Set your custom content strategy.
  • Chart out behavioral triggers for effective targeting.

Creation of highly engaging content for Email and SEO

Spreading out top-of-the-mind awareness helps build brand visibility, optimize it for digital shelves, and gives you scope for Omni channel marketing for improved customer experience. Knowing how high your brands rank in the consciousness of consumers motivates you to create customer-oriented content to enhance brand engagement. Don’t get swayed to getting traffic by blasting emails frequently. Be purposeful. Incorporate content that speaks volumes- articles, videos, and social media, a combination of multiple activities can get your varied traffic from all emails. Leverage email marketing campaigns to boost ranking and get the right audience to your website. Taking the advantage of impulsive audience behavior, you can always send your customers these emails, add a call to action and get instant checkouts. Also, non-marketers may not understand the importance of integrating email marketing services into SEO services to get high results. Reaching out to a professional SEO Company in Delhi will help you simplify and merge the two techniques for a high conversion rate.

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