Best Web App Database to use in 2022


Best Web App Database to use in 2022

Be it a large conglomerate or a small startup, every web app company requires data, the most valuable asset for their businesses. Data facilitates a smooth operational flow and is a much-effective tool to make evidence-based decisions. As far as data storage is concerned, its convenient and safe storage is a must to be on the competitive edge with the new age revolution sneaking in. Since the information on a web app can be exceedingly sensitive, one should access the web app database content with prudence and incorporate the best WebApp databases to use in 2022 to be competitive. The availability of umpteen options makes it strenuous for data-driven organizations to select, access, and implement one that goes with their business model. Go through the blog to get a professional viewpoint on the utility of Web App databases and possible options available in the market that best suits your business.

Trending Web App Databases According to Web Developers

Trending Web App Databases According to Web Developers


To talk about the best web app database to use in 2022, Indexing, Replication and Duplication of data and Load balancing are important USPs of MongoDB. In 2007, the first Document Database management software, MongoDB came into being. Being document-based data storage, it stores data/ information in an unstructured format, i.e., Schema-less. The architecture of MongoDB supports large numbers of transactions on a speedy, flexible and scalable structure wherein documents have to have different fields and structures. Meant to meet high volume data storage needs, MongoDB can store an enormous amount of data in the hierarchic form. Quicker than other RDBMS, MongoDB works around the CAP concept (Consistency, Availability, and Partition tolerance). The load balancing capacities and horizontal scaling of MongoDB provide exceptional flexibility. Loading and accessing data into RDBMS by using OOPs languages and application-level mapping can be challenging. The data models are available within the database platform to help users to store arrays, represent the hierarchical relationships, and other complex structures seamlessly.

Microsoft SQL

MS SQL Server is a standard, free database system that provides great toolset support on-premise and in the cloud and supports ANSI SQL. Microsoft SQL supports structured data, Semi-Structured Data (JSON), and Spatial Data. Transact-SQL Procedural languages of Microsoft SQL and its architectural process are analogous to Sybase SQL Server 4.2. The existing features in Microsoft SQL keep your data safe and secure. The in-built intelligence of the database allows scalability, security and performance. Users can create various designs, and tables and view data without syntax. Microsoft SQL, with all its features, stands as a secure and reliable database that can be used on both operating systems - Windows and Linux. Users can get alerts on suspicious activities, security gaps, and misconfigurations through its built-in features to support data classification, protection, and monitoring.


My SQL is the best Webapp Database to use in 2022 for web app development and is rendered with a high-speed data processing and data productivity tool. The recent version of this database is MySQL 8.0. The focus is laid on stability, scalability, robustness, reliability, maturity and security and cost-effectiveness of your databases. It is most widely used for web development solutions, is written in C and C++, and uses a structured query language. The best SQL database comes in a variety of editions with better recovery options and a distinctive set of features. Enriched with functionality, it empowers next-gen Mobile, Web, Embedded apps along with Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) / Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) / Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). It benefits every user working on different OS - Linux, Windows, UNIX or framework and hardware platform.


Programmers may love to discover that Cassandra is an open-source and distributed platform with a wide column store and a commonly used database. To handle massive data in industries, Cassandra can be your go-to database that has no network blockage. It has a cloud version that offers high scalability; it supports Multi-datacenter Replication and automatic Data Replication as it provides Decentralized Database support. Having different operations and infrastructure, Cassandra has multiple use cases that make it feasible for industry usage.


Elasticsearch is a free open-source, distributed, and analytics engine that caters for all types of data and addresses a growing number of use cases over years. It’s a full-text search engine that has a multi-tenant, distributed capability that scales horizontally via automatic sharing and REST API. The software allows you to store, search, and analyze massive data in near real-time in milliseconds and supports logging, monitoring and analyzing the structured and schema-less data (JSON) in JSON format. Built on an open-source Java Library, Lucene, Elasticsearch is a document-based search engine that is popular for its scaling capability. One of the major reasons behind the immense popularity of Elasticsearch is its. It easily scales horizontally via automatic sharing and REST API. It also supports structured and schema-less data (JSON) to analyze Logging or Monitoring data.


A database for Windows, Linux, and UNIX, IBM DB2 LUW 11.5 is the most recent release that enhances query execution speed. Being the latest one, it runs queries faster than ever and supports the relational paradigm. Supporting AI-dedicated capabilities and most of the Data Science languages, it supports and manages complex data frameworks, object-relational features and non-relational forms such as JSON and XML, and private and cloud environments.


Oracle is the most extensively used commercial relational database management system known for its speed, reliability and space coverage. Surpassing other such database management systems, Oracle supports built-in assembly languages, including C, C++, and Java. Being a widely used RDBMS, it is famous for faster data processing, takes up less space and has features such as JSON from SQL. Oracle DBMS is capable of regular repair and update and is available for all. Its main features are cost-optimized and high-performance computing environments.


Acronym as Redis, Remote Dictionary Server (Redis) is an open-source, in-memory, key-value database that supports multiple data structures. The software is used to speed up web application processing and cache management. The POSIX systems like Linux, MacOSX, and Solaris work using this, and it is popular in industries like IoT, Gaming, Financial Services, etc. Since it has the capability to process millions of requests in real-time, it offers unmatched speed due to an in-memory database.


A free and open-source object-relational Database Management System, PostgreSQL is compatible with multiple OS, like Windows, Linux, MacOSX, UNIX, etc. The software is loaded with features like inheritance and function that make it the best database available with enhanced reliability, data integrity and extensibility. The implementation of multiple data types and robust features helps in achieving the data handling objectives.


A product of, DynamoDB is a Non-Relational NoSQL Database and is a part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) portfolio. It is a fully managed, serverless Database for mobile apps that Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) features built-in security and in-memory caching and supports key-value and document data structures. With a dedicated and secured connection, it backs up your data through an inbuilt feature and resizes the entire database activities. It’s one of the most Trending Web App Databases According to Web Developers, get access to MySQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL databases. With so many options available, from different database companies and models to features, making a decision can be overwhelming. Get suggestions from top web app development companies who are versed with such software implementation.

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