A Step-By-Step Guide to Promote Your Mobile App

A Step-By-Step Guide to Promote Your Mobile App

Wondering how to turn your unknown mobile app into the most downloaded app? Eking out among the millions of mobile apps on the Google Play Store or Apple store is tough. However, to batten down the hatches, you need a properly framed mobile app marketing strategy after thorough research.

Check out this guide to learn how to promote your mobile app, how to position it, how to attract more downloads, and build a loyal user base. Keep the goals as the cornerstone and frame an effective strategy around them. But there is a lot beside it.

Steps to Promote Your Mobile App

Steps to Promote Your Mobile App

Pre Launch Phase

The creation of marketing strategies and techniques starts before the launch of a mobile application. During this stage, you can increase brand awareness and visibility. How your target audience will know about the app’s existence is the main concern of this phase. The challenge is to make your app easily available and allow customers to resonate with it.

Here are some strategies to be used during this stage:

Finalizing a Launch Date:

So, you now have a deadline and henceforth, it is essential to pick up a launching date before generating any marketing strategy. Keep the release date in your mind and assign the work to different teams. Furthermore, strategize your marketing plan to be fulfilled by the end date to see the final results.

Discuss it with your mobile app development company before finalizing the launch date. Make all necessary preparation by then.

Explore the Market:

Before launching your mobile app, it is necessary to understand your competitors. Every business owner must research the competitors. There are numerous apps similar to your mobile application on the Play Store with high user engagement. Evaluate your competitors and jot down important steps that they have taken. Reach out to professional companies to get a thorough analysis of the market and the competitors to get started with your Mobile App Marketing Campaigns.

Reach out to your Targeted Audience:

Before launching a mobile app, it is crucial to discover the targeted audience and their needs. You never know who your audience is or what they want to know about your app. It contains everything related to the audience, like demographics, mobile preference, and their area of interest. Moreover, it helps you to customize the mobile app according to the audience’s requirements.

Which operating system is being used by mobile users? What type of content will be used to engage the audience? These types of questions help you improve your UI/UX designs to target the potential audience.

Proper Keyword Researching:

Proper keyword research is mandatory before any app launch. Use legitimate tools and websites to search for relevant and quality keywords. It helps the users search and discover your app and its purpose.

Hire the leading mobile application development company to promote your mobile app and reach your potential audience with quality keyword research.

Website and Landing Page Creation:

Website and landing page creation may make or break your mobile application. Therefore, create a creative and informative website and landing page that promotes your mobile application. Your landing page should contain the proper app description and website link so that the user can easily sign up. You can also repost this landing page information on your social media account or the app store.

Make a user-friendly website related to your mobile app that attracts potential customers and generates more leads and high conversion rates.

Crafting Quality Content:

Crafting quality content is crucial to generating more leads and high conversion rates. It helps in driving traffic to the website, which increases brand awareness and reputation. Promote your content on social media to draw a quality audience to your website. It also helps to build trust among the audience. Discover different content marketing strategies to create creative and informative content for your website. Wondering how to promote your app for free at this stage? Keep reading.

Post Launch or Acquisition Stage:

Finally, you have launched your app. Many mobile application creators think that it is at the closing stage, but it is just the beginning of marketing the mobile app. Every app owner dreams of getting high download rates and ranking their app in the app store results.

Effective Ways for Post-launch Mobile App Marketing

Effective Ways for Mobile App Marketing

Organic or Unpaid Marketing:

The way of generating long-term success is through organic traffic. Here are some tips to get the free download for your app to promote your Mobile App.

Optimizing App Store:

Track your app and competitor performance through various analytical tools. It can be portrayed through the top charts and search ranking, for instance. Various analytical tools work according to user needs.

App Reviews:

According to the stat by AppRadar, there are 79% of users go through the reviews before downloading the application. Every app creator needs to review their app organically by any app review site or through earned media outlets, mainstream, tech media, etc.

You can ask your customer for honest reviews and feedback that also attracts other users to download your mobile application. Besides, this is the easiest way to promote your mobile app through word-of-mouth marketing.

Generate A Web Landing Page:

When other user writes anything about your webpage, they link your website and the detail page of your app on their blogs or articles, list features, and important characteristics like the number of downloads, etc., along with an “install now”(CTA). Also, it is advantageous as if the audience searches a query related to your app, Google shows the results containing your app details and website. It helps in generating more leads and conversions.

Paid Promotion:

There are the least chances to gain the right audience through paid promotion. Hire a mobile app marketing company that can use effective tactics to create paid promotion campaigns successfully. Here are some techniques that are in paid promotion:

Mobile App Tracking:

It’s an essential tool that tracks the download rate coming through paid ads. Concurrently, it provides information to the owner on how many times the app is downloaded. And how many users engaged in the app? It monitors app performance and popularity.

Paid Features:

All the methods are adapted to increase the app rank if it is directory listing, paid advertisement, and paid media. If you hand over your app to the mobile application development company, ask them to study emerging mobile app development trends and design your app with high-end innovation and accuracy to compete against millions.

Influencer Marketing:

Now-a-day, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote your mobile app through big influencers present on social media. These influencers engage their large number of followers through different social media platforms. Moreover, reaching out to influencers may turn gruesome, but once you get connected with two or three of them with a high follower ratio, your app is more likely to turn into a real success. Analogous to that, you can encourage them to promote your app on social media for maximum engagement.


There are numerous apps in the app market. Sometimes, it is hard to market your app as it does not meet user expectations. Knowing the right marketing method will help you do better than your competitors. Do not overpromise or promote your mobile apps through fake advertisements. Hand over your app marketing to the mobile app development company that promotes your app to your potential customers.

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