A Comprehensive Guide to Smart SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research is the soul of SEO campaigns. Keywords are the words or phrases that help search engines discover what users want and help users know what search engines have for them. Search engines, like Google, Bing and YouTube use words and key phrases to target particular audiences searching for the same keywords, thus maintaining the congruence. If no one searches for what you write, your write up is of no use- keywords make your content purposeful. Despite various changes that SEO go through, the worth of keywords remains unaffected and indispensable. But the keyword research methodology keeps on evolving from the very start and being the best SEO agency in Noida, Assert IT Solutions utilizes the best of it to get a desirable rank. Here is a proven keyword research framework that we have been using to reap productive results for our website. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of keyword research. Grow your traffic from 70 visitors a day to 7000 visitors a day. You are reading this only because you realize the worth of keywords in digital marketing; if not, read below.

Why do we need to inculcate keywords?

Different keywords reflect the intent and interest of users. Say, when you reach out to a saree vendor, you tell him your budget, the fabric you want, and other specifications, so that he can show you desirable alternatives. The same thing happens with keywords. When you ask Google for a particular thing, you need to tell it what you want, and as Google keeps on improvising, it uses “searched terms” to show the best results resonating with the search. Google prefers search results on various parameters and keyword matches.

Learn How to Do Keyword Research

Learn How to do Keyword Research Even if you hire the best SEO agency in Noida, they will present you with certain keywords to get started with your digital marketing. You can research these keywords on your own if needed.

Efficient Keywords can Improve the Conversion Rate 

Specific keywords produce a better conversion rate than general keywords. “Colleges in Noida” and “MBA college in Noida” are two different keywords with different search intents. The former alludes to the curiosity of the users to know about the colleges in Ghaziabad while the latter shows his selection of college to proceed with the admission process further. Getting the point? Converting users becomes easy when you know what users want. This is how you can know it.

Conversion Through The Brand Name

People who are accustomed to your brand are the easiest to convert. Though these keywords may not have a high search volume, but the results can be great with a high conversion rate.

Product Based Conversion

Your users visit you in search of products. These products may serve a special purpose and may solve their problems. Using words that emphasize the value of the product can be great to hook readers. You might be having a diverse array, and depending upon it, the list could be vast. Product terms are as vital as brand terms and can get enough volume from that too.

Competitors Terms

If you are not the one ranking on the top of SERP, check out who is on the top and what keywords are they using. Competitor terms are second only to brand terms in terms of CPA and conversion rate. Believe it or not, reaching the quality score requirement of Google and finding affordable CPC on competitor terms is a hard nut to crack. Marketers who are low on the budget have to dig deep in the keyword search to find affordable keywords or can look for an SEO agency in Noida to do it for them.

Substitute Product Terms

We know that product terms are quite expensive to bid on due to high competition. But to make your space in the competitive world is important, and for this, we can use substitute product terms, i.e., the terms that are similar to your product. For ex. - Pencils can be used in lieu of pens for low competition. However, the bid value of these keywords may or may not be much different from that of the seed word.

Complementary Product Terms

These terms can be used to win the marginal conversion. Say your product is a laptop, but then you choose a laptop charger as the complementary product term to attract traffic looking for chargers as well.

Audience Terms

Audience terms are the terms that are searched by the audience. These terms have a high search and impression volume and can be a great marketing starter. This will also help you discover the search intent to market your product rightfully. All this makes it worth trying. Use this model of keyword targeting well for higher conversion and low CPA. Also, you can use various free keyword research tools to get a general idea about keyword performance and competition to choose accordingly. You can rely upon Assert IT Solutions, the top SEO agency in Noida, for premium quality keyword research.

Factors to Analyze Keywords

While searching for the best possible keywords for your brand, you may find a galore of options to leave you clueless about what to pick and what to leave. Even if you use keyword research tools to perform keyword research, you will surely get confused upon finding multiple terms resembling your business. How would you discover the best ones to use? First of all, separate the sheep from the goats and proceed with formulating SEO metrics to narrow down the list. These metrics are mentioned below.

Search Volume

Search volume is the average searches for a keyword per month. Remember
  • It’s not about the number of people who searched but the number of searches.
  • It shows an annual average(as keywords can be used seasonally)
  • It has nothing to do with your ranking.
Use search volume filters to know about high volume and low volume keywords. Keywords with high search volume are often high on competition and bid value, but searches having low volume are not much efficient in driving potential traffic. Choose wisely.


Click metrics show an average number of monthly clicks on the search results for a particular keyword. Not every user, who visits Google and searches, clicks on search results and visits the top-ranking page. Besides, paid ads steal a lot of clicks, thus minimizing organic reach. Know if your keywords are relevant for paid traffic or organic traffic and optimize it accordingly.

Traffic Potential

Say a keyword gets 1,000 searches and 800 clicks per month approx. Chance are that the keywords resonating it or its latent semantic indexing keywords can attract potential traffic. This means if you search for “side effect of weight gain”, you may get different phrases with optimal searches, like:
  • What happens if you gain weight-450 searches per month
  • What would cause rapid weight gain? 300 monthly searches
  • What is weight gain a sign of? — 200 monthly searches
  • What disease makes you gain weight? — 100 monthly searches
Since these queries may be related to one thing, the search engine would show possible results. So assessing your potential search traffic from one query would be no brainer. Look at the top-ranking results as per the topic to discover its traffic potential. Optimizing traffic potential after thorough keyword research would give you an edge over your competitors.

Keyword Difficulty

SEO consultants check top-ranking pages for target keywords to judge keyword difficulty manually. Here are some of the ranking factors that work in congruence with keyword difficulty.
  • Search intent;
  • Domain Rating (DR) and Page Rating(PR);
  • Use of the target keyword, related entities, synonyms;
  • Branding;
  • Number of quality backlinks;
  • The content length, uniqueness, relevance;
Long-tail keywords are less competitive and can be used for brand new sites. All these factors play an important role; considering a single actionable factor is quite impossible, neither for keyword researchers nor for content creators. But one point that the best SEO agency in Noida agrees on is keyword difficulty. It is advised to choose keywords having high keyword difficulty and see them as link opportunities.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

CPC stands for Cost-per-Click is the amount you pay whenever your PPC ad is clicked through platforms like Google AdWords or Bing Ads. It can be determined while keeping various factors in mind; this includes maximum bid, competitor’s price and keyword choice, and your Quality Score. This metric is more useful for paid advertisements and less for SEO. Though the search demand for keywords remains constant for at least a month, but its CPC value changes steadily (in minutes). Various keyword planning tools can be used to pick keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns. Some of these tools are: Now that you know about the metrics, you can use these tools to analyse keywords keeping the above-stated factors in mind. Those who want to escape these efforts can find the SEO services in Noida for professional results.

Why Hire Assert IT Solutions for SEO Services?

Keyword research is the cornerstone of your SEO process. The better the Keywords, the higher the chances to rank high. Working on these keywords can be of great benefit for online businesses. At Assert IT Solutions, we have a team of experienced digital marketers and Search engine executives who are versed with all search engine algorithms to make sure that your business is tops on the targeted keyword list.

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