5 Ways to Boost Your Organic Social Media Reach & Engagement

Years back, when social media was less recognized, marketing was easy with magazines, newspapers, billboards, but now times have changed. One thing that remained unchanged is our struggle to get organic traffic to our digital space.

Contribution of social media to the same is further stretching the competitive boundaries. It’s to no surprise that paid ads and promotions can boost traffic to 2-3 times but for those who are low on budget and seek organic traffic, paid marketing would be nothing but an enigma. Get guidance from professional social media experts to know more.

Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. Twitter. No matter what social media platform it is, marketing them strategically can yield positive results in less time. With more and more people utilizing social media platforms for marketing, the organic reach is seen to plummet due to expanding distribution. That said, social media has surpassed search engine in lead generation, engagement and reach to the target audience.

Hubspot says “The number of global social media users is expected to reach almost 3.43 billion in 2023.” Why not utilize it to boost your ROI? Let’s see 5 ways to boost your organic social media reach & engagement.

  1. Stick to Social Media Algorithms

Every social media platform has different functionality, and it should be led accordingly. Timeline of Twitter is different from that of Facebook and Instagram. Also, Facebook focuses on relationship building and communication and pays less attention to branding and marketing. Twitter features feeds to keep the audience updated about news and is being used more as a marketing funnel. Utilize them as per the type of exposure you expect.

Know what you want- to spark a conversation or increase engagement or followers or earn leads. Post on different platforms as per the audience type and follow social media algorithms. Additionally, the image size for Twitter is different from Facebook and the rest of the others; so customize your images as per individual platform. When it comes to posting content, the word limit for different platforms varies, give it a check to avoid rejections.

  1. Go live and Post Videos

Stats reveal that video marketing is 83% effective in lead generation and customer retention, and is being widely used by marketers to boost audience engagement. Communicate your ideas and services through videos to increase your customer base. Be clear with your ideas & services and creative with your content. Post on all possible platforms and go live frequently and that too for long to earn recognition. Make newsworthy announcements, updates and launch new products to keep your customer base updated. They are tired of reading and now want to hear from you, so GO LIVE to fill the gap!!!

  1. Prefer Quality Over Quantity

Posting once a day, but quality and inclusive post would maximum your engagement. On average, a user can encounter only 1500 posts a day with 300 most relevant stories displayed on their newsfeed. Out of 300, only 10% would be able to attain their attention. Try to be 1 of that 10%, and you will see results on your own. Post high quality, readable content to increase reach and engagement. Utilize building analytical tools to get an idea of how your posts are performing.

  1. Keep Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles

Tweak your social media profiles for increased visibility…How?

  • Use an easy to recall user name, go with something that defines your brand and style
  • The logo associated with your brand should be discernible and recognizable
  • The description should be precise, revealing all about you and your services
  • Fill in clickable website link for direct access
  • Keep posting what your users what to see and check, and make coordinated efforts among channels
  1. Promote engagement

Indulge in relevant conversations with your clients, keep texting them about updates and reach out to new people and groups, and even industry influencers. Ask for feedback and reviews politely to improve your services. Ask them to rate you on social media and search engines to built credibility. Schedule you posting as per the platform and user activity, location, target audience etc. give them a stimulus to follow you like organize contests and giveaways to keep them engaged.

Well, this is all you can do; rest is up to the users. If they find relevant services and products, they will stick by or else they will leave. All the best. To get professional support, get in touch with social media experts at Assert IT solution.

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