5 Reasons Why Your Website Visitors aren’t Converting


5 Reasons Why Your Website Visitors aren’t Converting

There is an abundance of articles on the web that can guide you to drive traffic to your website, but is it all what you want…traffic? Probably, not. Conversion is our priority when we get a website developed, and sales conversion is the most critical metric. Users are available with a surplus of options, i.e., about 1.7 billion websites, and they take 50 milliseconds to decide whether to stay on a site or to leave it, such a sudden shift. 

Visitors leaving off pretty quickly and not interacting with your site the way you want, worried? Probably, a little adjustment in web design could help you retain them. Ask your Web Design Company to tweak your website a little.

Want To See How? Let’s identify the reasons for quick leaving with possible solutions.

Below are the Reasons Why Your Website Visitors aren't Converting?

Irrelevant Content 

Say, you visited us to know about the reasons why your visitors aren’t converting, right? It might be something you were looking for.

But after reading the first paragraph, you found that it speaks about how to attract traffic to the website. It isn’t something that may interest you at this time as you are particular about your choice.

What will you do? You will leave the site. 

This is what happens with the users. They look for something, and you provide them with something else, thus chasing them off. 

Use relevant keywords and back it up with appropriate content and information. Notify your Website Designing Company to keep user intent in mind while optimizing the keywords and content. Direct traffic to the landing page and not the only home page as you want conversions and not just traffic.

CTA Missing

You need to guide your visitors on what to do. Prompt your users to take immediate actions.

Having a big, bold CTA would tell customers to take the next possible step. 

Try to keep it easy to use. And with that, it could be direct or in a roundabout way. Your conversion point should be accessible and attractive.

 It could be a “Sign Up” button, “Create Your Form”, and “Instant Download”

Pick it wisely. Avoid being too salesy. You can simply put your Phone Number or Email to attract conversions.

Promotional Hooks Are Invisible Or Not Effective 

Are you offering special deals, free shipping, holiday deals, and promo codes? These promotional hooks are pretty tempting and can provoke readers for instant clicks to increase conversion potential. 

  • Small Website Hooks like Rated #1, Largest Selection, Signup for Newsletter, Guaranteed, Award-Winning are more likely to persuade naive users. 
  • Large Website Hooks – Click to spin, Use promo codes to get 20% off, Free 30-day Trial, 20% off, Free Home Delivery before Christmas, are a few of the hooks that are used by large websites.

The Best Website Designing Company in Delhi would suggest you the best hooks as per your site traffic and conversion potential.

Complex Web Design 

Unclear, confusing, and complex designs will lead them to get off your website. They have goals to achieve in a limited time. Too much or little information can turn them away. Professional web designing companies believe that minimalistic designs are self-contained and are liked by users as they prefer straightforward solutions. Pick templates that are clear and easy to navigate to keep them hooked. Don’t forget to guide them through it. 

Site Speed Matters The Most 

Needless to mention, loading speed plays a latent role, and you work on it as well. But hear me out, it’s not only about the speed, but it’s about responsiveness also. You have a website with a high loading speed on the web, but it is stagnant when browsed over mobile devices, what’s the use? It would kill your sales funnel gradually as the number of mobile users is stretching out rapidly. Get the site speed reduced to a possible extent by professionals from the best Website development companies. 

Wrap up 

In reality, people can have a number of reasons to leave your site, but you can provide them with a few reasons to stay and convert. Take a closer look at your bounce rate to comprehend where the site lacks. Get it fixed by the best Web Design Company. A fast and functional site with witty CTA and web designs to attract more traffic, leads, and conversion.  

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