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4 Advanced SEO Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic


4 Advanced SEO Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic

With more than 3 millions websites competing to rank high on search engines, giving your brand desirable exposure is a challenge. SEO is ever-evolving as search engines keep updating their algorithms to improve user experience and abiding by those changing algorithms is important in the light of the ranking factor.

HubSpot says search queries contribute to 80% of web traffic. SEO comprises of various techniques and strategies that can help you attract maximum search traffic but opting right technique in line with visible competition can give a perk to your web traffic. Let’s see how.

Traffic is all we need in the buyers funnel to maximize conversion.

Over 3.5 billion searches are made every day, and people perform thorough research about products and services before making any purchase. Enable your website with the best to improve its visibility to let it get a notice by both- visitors and search engines.

1. Perform a Thorough SEO Audit

 A quick audit would help you figure out the flaws in your website along with the factors affecting search results, traffic and sales. It examines the overall performance of a website to let it meet conversion goals.

5 Must-Have Things to examine during an SEO Audit

  1. SEO Meta titles and descriptions on all web pages: Often overlooked, these are an important chunk of On-page SEO.
  2. SEO keyword optimization: Stuffing keywords can tumble down your ranking while spamming your website. So, use keywords wisely and avoid keyword stuffing.
  3. URL structuring: A clear and recognizable URL is more likely to get remembered by potential traffic. Use hyphens, avoid capitalization, use canonical URLs, and add targeted keywords and 301 redirections.
  4. Keywords in ALT tags for image content.
  5. Interlinking and external linking is mandatory to improve web reach.

All this is going to help you with your website ranking. The process is quite simple and can be followed using some free SEO Audit tools available on search engines, but for reliable results, getting it done by a professional SEO agency would be a better option.

2. Mobile-Friendly Websites 

With the rising number of mobile users, making websites mobile responsive can do wonders. Websites that perform well on mobile devices with mobile-friendly web pages and designs increase visitor retention and reduce bounce rate.

Responsive website designs keep it clear, well-navigated and well-aligned to increase its usability, attract mobile users and improve reach.

3. Generate SEO Optimized Landing Pages/Mini-Site

Landing pages are efficient in attracting traffic and are the gateway to getting more and more search traffic. Prefer having a landing page along with a home page and drive traffic to it through SEO optimization, email marketing and press releases. Provide your landing page with informative and engaging content and add a quick call to action button to it. If you want users to stay for long, avoid proposing navigations. Remember, the more the landing pages, the more the conversion.

Use long-tail keywords, effective headlines, engaging short paragraphs, Call to Action, testimonials, images and an absolutely engaging design. 

4. Utilize the power of Infographics

Research shows that our minds remember and comprehend complex information easily when presented in pictorial form. Visual information can convey a lot of things without saying much. When visual processing performed by sensory receptors can create remarkable visual scenes. Making and posting engaging and informative infographics can increase your web traffic by 200%.

Find trending topics, create infographics using free tools, create a blog post following it, and submit it on infographic submission sites and directories for quality promotion. 

Conclusion - Infographics, landing page, mobile-friendly website and frequent SEO audit can help you website drive 2X traffic than at present. Though these strategies are not limited to it and can grow as per the competition and upsurge, but these practices can generate significant results. Processing significant data out to the targeted audience can help you get more and more leads and conversions.

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